Meet an Ambassador: Andrew Dawson

Our Ambassador Network is comprised of a dozen or so in-house agency leaders from various companies, industries, geographies and team sizes who are actively engaged in spreading the word about IHAF. As we continue our monthly feature on those in the group, we couldn’t let October go by without introducing you to Andrew Dawson.

Andrew is Senior Manager at Timberland Company, an American manufacturer and retailer of outdoor apparel and accessories and Best of Show winner at the 2011 IHAF Awards. As an award-winning internal agency, I was eager to find out what Andrew’s team is working on these days.

One of the first things Andrew mentioned is his team’s desire to better manage “our project workflow and DAM”—a common theme among internal and external agencies alike. Andrew shared that his team recently decided to go with Workfront (an IHAF supplier member), and that they expect to have the system fully in place by year-end. He went on to say, “We are going through the training and on-boarding process now and are enthusiastic about how it will help us balance our workload and streamline communications.” Sounds like increased efficiency and productivity are on deck for team Timberland in 2017.

With the reputation and recognition that Timberland Company enjoys, I couldn’t help but ask what it’s like to work for such an iconic brand. Andrew immediately expressed pride in working for such a great company, detailing a specific corporate value that Timberland instills in its employees. “We are given up to 40 hours of paid time each year to participate in community service. If you achieve all 40 hours, you get a nice mug. It’s a daily reminder of one of the best benefits of working at Timberland.” 

Andrew also told me about the positive impact IHAF has had on his team as well. “We are proud to be one of IHAF’s first members when the organization launched over 10 years ago,” he began. “At the time, it was heartening to realize we were not alone and that we had a forum to connect with others who were experiencing the same issues we were as a growing in-house agency.” Of course, IHAF is thrilled to have Timberland as a longstanding, loyal member—and we appreciate Andrew’s service to our community. 

My last question for Andrew was if he had any advice for his fellow in-house agencies. “I am also a soccer coach and one thing I tell my players is ‘fake it ‘til you make it,’” he replied. “Sometimes the most important person you need to convince that you are capable of something is yourself!”

Thank you for the opportunity to get to know you even better, Andrew—and for your dedication as an IHAF Ambassador. Keep an eye out for next month’s Ambassador Spotlight featuring MeLissa Mips-Medugno of BJ’s Wholesale Club.

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