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Membership in IHAF means access to tools, insight and networking opportunities that enable in-house agencies to advance as marketing communications solutions providers. Unlike general marketing and advertising associations, IHAF's content and programming focus on the unique challenges and opportunities that in-house agencies and creative services organizations encounter. We are the only organization that supports all in-house agency functions—from creative to media to executive management.

IHAF's exclusive offerings deliver year-round benefits to our members. Benchmarking data for salary planning, events showcasing new tools, technology and practices, and a connected community of likeminded peers are just a few examples of how IHAF provides in-house agencies with content and forums to meet their needs.

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In-House Agency Memberships

Our in-house agency members range in size from 300-person operations to three-person teams—working across an array of industries nationwide. And regardless of size, scope or location, all of them are interested in increasing their competitiveness and delivering value to the businesses they support.