Program Calendar

  • Content Creation: Capitalizing on the New Normal

    August 13, 2020 1:00pm EDT

    Presented By: Suzanne Spence, President, MOFILM

    As the world continues to emerge from lockdown, a new normal is also emerging when it comes to content creation—travel is a no-go, nimble crews are essential, and flexibility is key. More and mo...
  • OTT 101: Build Brands & Drive Sales

    September 17, 2020 1:00pm EDT

    Presented By: Reid Steinberg, EVP Media Director, and Mitch Weinstein, SVP Director of Digital Media, ICON International

    These days, people are watching more TV than ever—via connected televisions and “over the top” (OTT) devices like Roku and Apple TV. In 2019, 97 million homes had connected televisio...
  • October Webinar

    October 01, 2020 1:00pm EDT

    Presented By: Amanda Free, Head of Creative Operations, Aflac

  • Harnessing Data Analytics + AI to Improve UX

    October 15, 2020 1:00pm EDT

    Presented By: Sarah Pagliaccio, Principal, Black Pepper

    With artificial intelligence in our homes and in our hands, is Skynet really the future? Or, is there a way to take the same data the AI-giants are basing their algorithms on (your CRM numbers) and ha...
  • 2020 IHAF Conference & Awards

    November 09, 2020 1:00pm EST

    Register here for Creativity Unleashed, the 2020 IHAF Conference & Awards, where we'll explore the skills, strategies, practices and perspectives in-house agencies need to breed collective creativ...
  • November Webinar

    November 19, 2020 1:00pm EST

    Presented By: Becky Ziegler, VP, Marketing, Big Lots!

  • December Webinar

    December 10, 2020 1:00pm EST

    Presented By: J.D. Schupp, Head of Production, Walmart Films, Walmart