The IHAF Conference & Awards is our biggest event of the year. It is also the premier networking and learning opportunity for in-house agency professionals, with over 350 attendees. Flanked by our two-day conference, the ever-popular IHAF Awards celebrate creativity and team performance in-house agency style.

Our 2020 conference centered on the skills, strategies, practices and perspectives in-house agencies need to breed collective creativity. Video recordings of presentations will be available soon for IHAF members to enjoy online. Our creative competition included over 800 entries from more than 100 companies, with winning work available here. To find out who was crowned In-House Agency of the Year, click here.

With a mix of inspiring keynotes, breakout sessions and ample opportunities to network, the IHAF Conference & Awards offers unique opportunities for in-house agency leaders and contributors to keep pace with today's marketing marketplace. The 2021 IHAF Conference & Awards is scheduled for November 9-10, with registration opening in early summer.

What are people saying about our Conferences?

“Every time I attend an IHAF event, I learn something. I always have a nugget of a take-away that I can apply to my role, my thinking and ideas. It’s a great forum for inspiration...truly. I love IHAF!”

— Liz Larson,
VP, Brand and Advertising, MFS Investment Management

“Thanks for putting together such a great event! We had engaging presenters, candid conversation and a wonderful sponsor. The ability to network and gain perspective about similar issues we all are experiencing is invaluable.”

— Michael Kerr,
Senior Vice President, Bank of America

“Attending allowed me the opportunity to connect with so many other in-house creative leaders and provided insight into other internal creative departments that helps me to develop and grow my own team.”

— Amanda Froehlich,
Manager, Creative Operations, Saint-Gobain