The IHAF Leadership Summit has been lauded as the premier networking and learning opportunity for in-house agency leaders. This executive-level event offers opportunities to network and learn from corporate and creative pace setters, sharing proven strategies for organizational and operational success. Focusing on what in-house agency leaders are doing to take their organizations to the next level, turning trials into triumphs, this full-day event includes keynote sessions, networking and a tour of our host facility. 

Our 2019 event, hosted at McDonald's Corporation in Chicago, featured speakers from Bloomberg, IBM and others. Tune in to our episode of Inside Jobs, Lessons from the Leaders, to hear from our keynote speakers and takeaways from our attendees. 

What Are People Saying About the IHAF Leadership Summit?

“To have a one-day conference where every session is relatable, educational and entertaining is a huge win in my book. I was able to network with colleagues in the same industry—sharing ideas, best practices and in-house agency solutions. The IHAF Leadership Summit was a truly valuable event.”

— Stacey Hinckley,
Executive Programs Manager, Globoforce

“A true spirit of sharing, collaboration and friendship seems to pervade IHAF compared to many other industry groups in which I participate. People seem to go out of their way to be helpful and add value to the concerns we all share. Plus, the thoroughness of information compiled and shared by IHAF is second-to-none.”

— Steve Haber,
formerly VP, Global Marketing Services, Lionbridge

“The Leadership Summit pulls back the curtain on the in-house agency model. Our challenges as creative teams inside our organizations are universal. The value we bring to our brands is now more important than ever. IHAF continues to inspire and provide valuable insider knowledge to lead our teams into the next decade.”

— Judy Alberts,
Creative Director, AbbVie