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Our webinar series provides instructional content and insight to increase individual effectiveness. From the comfort of your desktop, IHAF members can participate in an unlimited number of webinars throughout the year.

Take an hour and walk away with practical advice on everything from digital marketing trends to programmatic media to writing better briefs. We encourage members to view our webinars as a team and take time after the session to talk about how to apply what you learned.

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Is a Virtual Model Right for Your Team?

Thursday, February, 21, 2019 | 1:00 pm EST | Members: Free | Non-Members: $50.00

The traditional in-house agency borrows heavily from the external model. One thing that holds true for agencies of all types, however, is their carefully curated environments—the purpose-built spaces where creatives bounce ideas off each other. That’s where the magic happens. The question is, can the magic still happen without the environment? In this session, Jack Teuber, head of the Creative Team at PwC (an In-House Agency of the Year finalist), will share his experience leading a virtual department of 100 FTEs, over half of whom toil happily from their homes—Maine to Montana. Jack will discuss the cultural, technological and leadership norms that make PwC’s model work including how they work together to overcome challenges.

Got Rights? Securing Proper Permissions & Releases

Thursday, March, 21, 2019 | 1:00 pm EDT | Members: Free | Non-Members: $50.00

Do you have the rights to use that image, asset or person? If you just grabbed it off the Internet or missed details in your talent release, then you better grab your wallet. Making sure you have proper permissions to use music, photos, and images of actors, models and real people is crucial, no matter the size of your production or where it might be seen. Managing those rights can be complex, which means you could be at risk—without even knowing it. In this webinar, experts from The TEAM Companies will take us through the steps and tools necessary to mitigate such dangers including understanding the key elements of a model release, hidden exposures when using stock images, and the critical aspects of rights negotiation.

April Webinar

Thursday, April, 18, 2019 | 1:00 pm EDT | Members: Free | Non-Members: $50.00

The details of this session will be posted shortly, with registration opening at that time. 


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