Building Brand with Design Thinking

Nothing says “change” like consumer behavior. Just when you think you know their preferences, something changes and you’re back at square one. To acquire and retain a loyal base of customers, brands need to do a better job demonstrating an understanding of what’s important to consumers and evolving to keep pace with the marketplace. Design Thinking, also known as “human-centered design,” is one approach brands are taking to surface breakthrough ideas that help keep their brands top-of-mind.

In next week’s webinar, Building Brand with Design Thinking, passionate practitioner and design-thinking evangelist, Kelly Chmielewski, will walk us through the fundamentals of this popular practice. With her Design Thinking Quick-Start Guide as the basis for the session, Kelly will teach us how to reframe problems and project assignments to enable more-innovative, creative solutions to flow from our teams. She’ll also inspire participants to consider new pathways for building brand—evolving outreach strategies and approaches for more-targeted, meaningful consumer connections.

To keep pace with the changing world of marketing, it’s essential to develop an understanding of the wants and needs of consumers—in some cases, before customers fully understand those wants and needs themselves. By applying the tenets of Design Thinking, our potential to connect in relevant, resonant ways can increase. Join us on Thursday, February 16 at 1-2 p.m. ET for Building Brand with Design Thinkingregister today.

IHAF webinars are ideal lunch-and-learn sessions for your whole team. Reserve a conference room, order a few pizzas, and listen-in with us next week. Want more webinars? Go to our Program Calendar and save the dates/topics that interest you most.

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