It’s Time to Huddle!

This month marks the start of our annual Huddle discussion group series—one of IHAF’s most popular events. These half-day sessions are ideal for in-house agency leaders and individual contributors alike. This year’s Huddle focuses on the rise of Omni-Channel Marketing and the challenge of keeping pace in today’s ever-changing marketplace.

We’re excited to be journeying from Boston to DC/VA to Chicago to the San Francisco Bay area with none other than former Instagram and Facebook executive ChRiS Gomersall, CEO of ATOMIZED. In the span of two weeks, ChRiS will put his expertise to work as he facilitates discussions among Huddle attendees regarding the team structures, tools, and talent required to succeed in today’s multi-platform world.

With the multiplicity of channels available to consumers, the call for in-house teams to integrate is at an all-time high. This year’s Huddle not only reflects a growing trend in the industry, but a shift our members are seeing within their own organizations.

Discover how other in-house agencies are navigating the complexities of Omni-Channel Marketing by attending the IHAF Huddle nearest you! Click here for location dates and timesIf you’re already registered, be sure to read next week’s blog which will introduce you further to Huddle facilitator, ChRiS Gomersall.

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