A Year in Review

Time flies when we’re networking, learning and sharing with one another. That’s why we’re especially grateful to have such an incredible community of in-house professionals, across a host of industries, who take advantage of all that IHAF has to offer. As we embark on a new year, let’s reflect and recognize some of the highlights of our last 12 months together.

State of the Industry. In 2018, we learned that the state of the in-house industry is one of growth and opportunity, as confirmed by our latest field study, In-House Agencies Today. The report generated buzz among the trades and business press alike—even The Wall Street Journal took notice. Special thanks to the 325 companies who participated, including our research partners at Forrester.

Brand-New Podcast. This year also marked the introduction of a podcast that’s all about in-house agencies. Produced in partnership with Robert Berkeley of Express KCS, Inside Jobs features leaders from top brands, sharing their experiences building and running internal agencies. If you haven’t tuned in, give it a listen!

Regional Roundtables. Another hallmark of the IHAF community is our in-person sharing sessions. In 2018, we travelled coast to coast, stopping in six different cities for Regional Roundtables where members discussed and debated what’s topical in house today. In addition to our own recap of the sessions, IHAF member, Joan Yenawine, was kind enough to offer her perspective—check it out.

Conference Candids. Of course, one of the most memorable events of the year was our annual conference—the epitome of networking, learning and sharing. While you need to be an IHAF member to access our recorded sessions (including keynote presentations by Teresa Herd of Intel and Alvaro Luque of Avocados from Mexico), our photo album of candids is available to everyone.

In-House Excellence. Our biggest event of the year wouldn’t be complete without recalling two of our biggest competitions—the IHAF Awards Show and In-House Agency of the Year. Congratulations goes out to all those who entered, with shout-outs to Hallmark and Bloomberg Studio for earning top honors! We hope their achievements inspire you and your team to reach new heights in 2019.

Virtual Learning. Members were also inspired virtually this year, particularly those who attended our online seminars. Some of 2018’s most-popular webinar include Account Management Revival, Building a Purpose-Driven Culture and Lessons Learned from the Inside. This content is ideal to watch with your team, followed by a discussion on how to apply what you learned within your own organization.

Social Sharing. Social is another way sharing occured among members over the past year. IHAF’s company page on LinkedIn became a popular place to keep pace with in-house updates—as well as our Twitter page. And, with over 1,000 members who have opted in, our LinkedIn group continues to be the go-to platform to ask questions, share articles, get answers and plug into the community.

Team Spotlight. Of course, our blog, The Inside Scoop, is chock full of content for in-house pros. We’d like to express our gratitude to those who contributed content in 2018, writing articles and sharing insights for their colleagues near and far. If you’d like to contribute to an upcoming blog, let us know—we’d love to feature your in-house team!

And finally, a sincere thank you to each and every one of our members for continuing to be part of our thriving community. Your involvement and passion for what you do combined with your willingness to connect with each other is what brings our mission to life. IHAF is a networking, learning and sharing community because of you! We wish you joy and peace throughout the holiday season and into the new year.

Not an IHAF member? Give yourself a gift this season—join us.

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