Reunited...And It Felt So Good

It’s been a few short weeks since the 2022 IHAF Conference & Awards, where nearly 300 in-house professionals gathered to get real about the state of the industry. In the wake of the event, conferencegoers have had a lot to say about what it meant to be together again.

• “There was a warmth and comradery that I haven’t experienced at other events.”

• “I loved the ability to break out into sessions and just ask questions and learn from the entire room.”

• “Presenters offered true insight into behind-the-curtain processes, decisions and stories.”

With this year’s theme being UNCENSORED, keynotes were candid and breakouts were unbridled. Starting us off with an inspiring call to arms, in-house strategist Marta Stiglin encouraged conferencegoers to be forthright. Her advice: be brave enough to tell it like it is—offering honest opinions and constructive feedback. When you abandon “nice,” you start being kind.

Up next, in-house powerhouses met industry challenges head on. Presenters from Nestlé USA, Rocket Central and Highmark Health inspired our audience with assorted tales:

• ECD Jonathan Dillon revealed how the internal agency at Nestlé manages 35 brands, with particular focus on the work their video studio executes.

• Rocket Central’s CMO, Casey Hurbis, talked about the power of influencers from Superbowl ads to social posts.

• SVP of Brand and Creative Amy Spears of Highmark Health revealed her non-negotiables and encouraged others to do the same.

We also enjoyed keynotes from Citi and Liberty Mutual, both of whom recently broke new ground:

• Peter Viento, CD of Global Marketing and Justin McCoy, VP of DEI Strategy & Marketing walked us through Citi’s commitment to become a trans-affirmative brand.

• And, VP Managing Director Cliff Stevens, explained how Liberty Mutual’s in-house agency evolved to become an LLC, showcasing their latest external work.

If you missed this year’s event, select presentations are available for IHAF members to view online. If you attended and wish to revisit your favorites or share them with your team, just hit replay and enjoy!

All of our presenters proved that in-house agencies don’t run from a challenge. They thrive in the face of adversity and continue to produce top-tier work. Their grit and talent deserve recognition and we did just that with this year’s IHAF Awards.

This two-part celebration includes our In-House Creativity Awards and In-House Agency of the Year. Congratulations goes out to Indeed for their Best of Show win at this year’s creativity awards—a heart-felt video encouraging empathy in the workplace.

While Indeed’s spot bested the competition, it wasn’t the only formidable entry. Check out these exceptional submissions, including all our goldsilver and honorable mention winners.

Of course, the IHAF Awards wouldn’t be complete without a nod to team performance and all that it brings. Three finalists were announced for this year’s In-House Agency of the Year award, with Delta Airlines earning the top honor. This talented team was pivotal in helping the company achieve its mission to connect the world and get people traveling safely again. To learn more about Delta’s journey, read their inspiring story along with our other two finalists, Comcast and CVS Health.


Even more promising than creative talent and team performance is the genuine support and camaraderie among our community for the in-house model and those who comprise it. The 2022 IHAF Conference & Awards was a testament to just that. Thank you to all who attended, including our inspiring speakers and generous sponsors. We look forward to seeing you again soon!

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