Got Rights? Securing Proper Permissions & Releases

With your deadline looming, you feverishly search the Internet for the perfect image to put that finishing touch on your project. Before locking in, however, did you pause to confirm that you have the rights to use that asset, figure or photo?

If you’ve made a habit of grabbing content off the Internet, you’d better grab your wallet. Navigating image rights and talent releases can be complex, which means you could be at risk without even knowing it.

In this month’s webinar, the experts at The TEAM Companies will walk us through the steps necessary to mitigate such hazards including understanding the key elements of a model release, hidden exposures when using stock images, and the critical facets of rights negotiation. Attendees will walk away with a deeper understanding of:

- Proper engagement of union and non-union talent

- How to manage rights for video, music, props and people

- Why models should be paid as employees

- The consequences of using assets outside of negotiated terms

- And, the benefits of a single source to track usage of talent and licensed elements

Making sure you have permission to use music, photos, and images of actors, models and real people is crucial, no matter the scope of your project or where it might be seen. Join us on Thursday, March 21 at 1 p.m. ET and learn how to secure proper clearances to ensure you’re in the clear. Register today.

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