Pop into Coca-Cola

By now you probably know that our next major event is the IHAF Leadership Summit, hosted by The Coca-Cola Company on April 21 in Atlanta. What you may not know is that in addition to an impressive lineup of sessions and speakers, the Summit includes an exclusive, guided VIP tour of Coca-Cola Studios and the recently opened Mainstreet within The Coca-Cola Company’s global headquarters.

What’s so special about this particular tour, you ask? Well, for one, Coca-Cola Studios is the in-house agency for The Coca-Cola Company—and their offices are not open to the public. As a Summit attendee, you’ll gain access to their collaborative workspace and see first-hand why it’s considered a creative hotspot, reinforcing the internal agency’s position as a highly respected, highly sought-after resource within the company.

From there you’ll experience Mainstreet—a favorite of employees and visitors alike. This multi-faceted facility boasts six themed restaurants, three conference centers, and multiple amenities including a pharmacy, wellness center, convenience store, and more. The newly renovated space brings branding to life in a brand new way, with the in-house agency central to its development.

The IHAF Leadership Summit is a national meeting of corporate and creative executives, focused on what in-house agency leaders are doing to take their organizations to the next level. Join us in Atlanta on April 21 to hear how it’s done and see what it’s like behind the scenes at The Coca-Cola Company. Seating is limited so register today.

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