Delivering Personalized Content at Scale

As customer attention turns more and more to digital channels, it’s increasingly important for organizations to meet them there. Digital advertising constitutes more than half of US agency revenue. Driving traffic to brand sites and engaging on social media is imperative. Unfortunately, some in-house agencies (IHAs) feel limited in their ability to deliver the relevant, fresh content strategies consumers have come to expect.

So, how do IHAs keep up?

First, define your content strategy, which includes the planning and development of any consumer-facing communication from your organization. At MediaMonks, we’ve led content marketing initiatives for organizations of all sizes. Through that experience, we’ve discovered strategies and takeaways for how brands, big and small, can take a more modern approach to their content.

Have a Purpose

Your brand needs a purpose or reason why it exists. Let’s say you’re a grilling brand and determined your target audience prioritizes experience over product. This shift might prompt you to devise a content strategy focused more on celebrating the act of grilling than the grill itself. A key purpose for such a brand might be helping people make memories together.

Through content that seeks to inspire and inform, your key purpose will lead into support points and tactics. For our grilling example, helping people make memories might manifest in recipes, entertaining tips, or features or accessories of a grill that promote coming together.

Get Personal

“Demographic information doesn’t tell us anything,” says MediaMonks Founder and COO, Wesley ter Haar. An older, Midwestern man who likes American Crime Story might have more in common with an L.A. teen than his own peer group, if that teen is also a fan of the show. As such, customize your content via interests rather than antiquated demographics.

For organizations that need to develop personalized content on a large scale, we offer a modular approach—defining what variables exist in your content and revising in different ways for different targets. Through this kind of partnership, IHAs can enjoy always-on, personalized content at scale, even if they don’t have the resources of giants like Netflix and Amazon. You can—and should—tweak content so it aligns with every step of the consumer journey.

Today, we have a myriad of ways to give context through content, allowing for more engaging experiences that relate to the users, no matter the platform. By making use of the latest technologies, IHAs of all sizes can boost their creative capabilities and deliver more engaging content at scale, paving the way for better customer experiences.

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