Learning from the Leaders

Throughout the year, IHAF offers a steady stream of events—our webinar series, IHAF Huddle regional discussion groups, and IHAF Annual Conference & Awards Show. In 2016, we’ve added a new event to our rotation, the IHAF Leadership Summit.

Held on April 21 at The Coca-Cola Company in Atlanta, the IHAF Leadership Summit is a national meeting of creative and corporate executives, focused on what in-house agency leaders are doing to take their organizations to the next level. Featuring keynote speakers from The Coca-Cola Company, MFS Investment Management, and Nestlé Purina, the Summit is a chance to swap stories with the best and the brightest—learning from premium international brands.

Each of our speakers will share a first-person narrative specific to advancements within their own organizations—including Scott Hall’s story of how CheckMark, Nestlé Purina’s creative agency, built a powerhouse digital competency, Darren Ryan’s tale of how Coca-Cola Studios elevated internal communications, and Andrew Washburn’s experience transforming the global marketing organization at MFS. These leaders will guide us through a dynamic day of learning among an exclusive community of in-house agency executives.

No matter what size your team may be or where you are in your lifecycle, this full day of presentations, conversation, and networking will leave you with insights you can take back to your team and apply to your organization right away.

To secure your place at this year's IHAF Leadership Summit, don't wait—seating is limited so be sure to register soon.

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