Buy-In on Briefs & Briefings

Crafting a new creative brief goes hand in hand with crafting a new creative campaign. Doing a good job on one increases your chance of doing a great job on the other. Yet, some in-house agency teams are resistant to leveraging creative briefs to full effect. Why?

This month’s IHAF webinar is all about briefs and briefings. How to get your team to adopt, and even embrace, the tool. How to leverage different aspects of the brief to stimulate brainstorming and creative collaboration. And, how to use the brief as a conversation starter in aligning with clients on the work.

Join Joyce Gallagher Sullivan and Tom Weisend of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute on Thursday, April 18 as they share their experience leading corporate creative and agency teams to optimize briefs and briefings. They’ll even offer suggestions to help you increase buy-in among your in-house agency, enabling individual performance and team success.

IHAF webinars are always free for our members to attend, though non-members can register for a modest fee. Join us at 1 p.m. ET on Thursday, April 18 for this informative session. You just might emerge a believer in the power of briefs and briefings.

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