Two Days to Game Time

After months of meticulous planning and prep, the IHAF Annual Conference & Awards Show is just two days away. And while conference attendees are wrapping things up in the office before heading to Boston, the IHAF team is wrapping everything from signage to speaker prep. We are particularly enthusiastic about the keynote presenters we have lined up for all of you to meet.

Brian Brooker
Global Creative Director

Molly Queen
Director of Digital Marketing Internal Agency, Abbott
Kris Girrell
Executive Coach & Principal, Innerworks Consulting
Brett Gerstenblatt
VP, Executive Creative
Director, CVS Health

These speakers will share first-person narratives on the business, media and environmental factors that prompted them to change the game within their respective organizations. As Game Changers (which is the theme of this year’s conference, after all), these folks are not only breaking new ground in how marketing communications are conceived, they are leading the charge in how to prepare for what’s next. 

The role you play at this year’s conference has something to do with change, too! Not only are you encouraged to listen and learn from those at the mic, we want you to engage with others at the event in deeper, more meaningful ways.

Work the Room. It’s easy to attend a conference and never leave the confines of your cozy table. As the premier networking event for internal agencies, get up on your feet and meet as many new people as you can this year. With nearly 300 attendees at our conference and awards show, there’s no better time to connect with in-house peers on how to navigate change within your own organization.

Tap Our App. To get better acquainted with our event details as well as those who will be attending alongside you, download our conference app to your mobile device. The app provides access to everything you need to navigate our two-day event including the conference agenda, session descriptions, attendee list, sponsor information, and more!

Meet the Sponsors. The IHAF team vets all of our event sponsors to ensure the products and services they offer are of value to our members and pertinent to the unique needs of in-house agencies. Don’t shy away from sponsors you may encounter. Introduce yourself. Talk to them about the challenges you face. Find out if there’s anything they can do to better enable your team’s success.

Have Fun. The IHAF Conference & Awards Show is an investment, so make the most of it. Take advantage of your time away from the office by enjoying the experience of being part of a robust community of like-minded peers. One thing we know about IHAF events is that they’re lots of fun—packed with speakers, sessions and socializing.

With a mix of inspiring keynotes, interactive breakouts and ample networking, this year's conference offers unique opportunities for you to keep pace with the changing marketing marketplace. Follow this link to download our app and the two-day event will be easily accessible right from the palm of your hand.

Speaking of which, we have only a handful of tickets left! Register here to join us this Wednesday.

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