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A year ago, I was thrilled to learn that Adobe had become a member of this amazing organization called IHAF and I could not wait to get involved. From IHAF Huddle events to the IHAF Annual Conference & Awards Show, it has been great to connect with the creatives and marketers that are so crucial to the organization’s success! So we were very excited when IHAF asked if Adobe would contribute to The Inside Scoop this year to share resources and tips for members. In April, we’ll also be conducting a webinar for IHAF members, so be sure to register

During Adobe’s annual MAX Creativity Conference this past October, CEO, Shantanu Narayen presented three core themes that are fundamental to the business segments creative and marketing professionals serve:

  1. Design is paramount to the quality of the experience

  2. We live in a multi-screen world

  3. Customers seek a personalized experience

Recent studies indicate that over a 10-year period, design-led companies have outperformed the S&P 500 by 219% (J. Roe – Design Value Index, May 2015). With that, creative professionals are being tasked with delivering more content faster than ever before. In fact, according to premiere global market intelligence firm, IDC:

• 85% of creative pros say they are under pressure to develop assets and deliver campaigns more quickly,

• 71% say they need to create 10x as many assets these days to support the diversity of channels, and

• 76% agree that personalization is driving increased need for more assets.

Creative Cloud has enabled Adobe to respond to this “content velocity” in a more timely manner by introducing new tools and services. Last year, we introduced Adobe Stock, an integrated micro stock service to Creative Cloud. Creatives can now streamline the photo, video and illustration search and purchase process directly within Adobe’s core creative tools!

As updates to apps occur with more frequency, Adobe recognizes that creatives are extremely busy and may have a hard time keeping pace. While Adobe TV remains an excellent resource for learning, we’ve taken things to the next level with our learning portal, offering a more curated experience.

You’ll find links to our point product portal pages—everything from a comprehensive virtual manual to quick tutorials with downloadable sample files to how-to tips and tricks. You’ll also find a “What’s New” section along with a detailed timeline of feature enhancements going back to the 2012 launch of Creative Cloud. Most of all, you’ll find context in tandem with features.

So in the spirit of teaching Creatives how to fish—here is an example of how to hook into some great content, based on your needs. First, bookmark this.

Now, let’s say you want to find out what was added to the latest release of Illustrator CC 2015 (note that all-point product pages work the same way). Simply click on the Illustrator icon...

Now click the Get Started link under the Learn section at right (also note other valued topics):

The learning content is more curated—from basic topics to advanced. Note the navigation at the upper right, including the What’s New link, which takes you to a legacy timeline, detailing all of the new features added since CS6.

Adobe will be contributing three more blog posts for IHAF to share with its members this year. And don’t forget our live webinar for IHAF members in April. If you have less than four minutes, we invite you to respond to our Less-Than-4-Minute Questionnaire. Tell us about your biggest challenges. What topics would you like to more about this year?

 I look forward to connecting with you at future events. Please keep in touch!

As Senior Solutions Consultant with Adobe, Dave Weinberg works regularly with in-house creative enterprise customers across industry verticals—many of which, are members of IHAF. Prior to joining Adobe, Dave was a Creative Director working primarily in-house. Connect with Dave at,

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