Your Mission? Value!

IHAF is taking vision and mission one step further with this week’s webinar on proving the value of your in-house agency. The dawn of in-house agencies was prompted in large part by a desire for cost containment in the development of marketing communications. In recent years, business impact and ROI have fueled the explosive growth of the model. Not only are in-house agencies contributing creative ideas, they’re contributing to the bottom line—resulting in a value equation that outside providers are hard pressed to match.

In Proving the Value of Your In-House Agency, IHAF joins forces with long-time collaborator and industry influencer the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) to deliver an informative session on how to quantify the contribution of your in-house team. Session facilitators and leading consultants, Dan Jeffries and Marta Stiglin, will walk us through what constitutes “value” in house, including what qualitative and quantitative parameters are most important to track and why.

This webinar is ideal for corporate procurement, finance and operations professionals, as well as advertising and marketing executives, and functional team leaders within internal agencies. Join us for a fast-paced presentation followed by Q&A on how to measure the impact of your in-house team so you can achieve your mission of delivering value to the corporation. Register today.

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