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  • Saying No to the Status Quo

    headshot of Teresa Herd


    Presented by Teresa Herd, VP, Global Creative Director at Intel

    From working with Lady Gaga on the Super Bowl halftime show to being named Ad Age’s Internal Agency of the Year, the team at Intel is on a roll. Add to that a changing media landscape and the call for endless innovation and you’ll understand why Agency Inside is relentlessly focused on emerging trends while remaining true to their core capabilities. In this session, we’ll hear about how the award-winning internal agency at Intel is demystifying tech and disrupting the status quo—contributing to an all-time high in sales and stock performance while advancing the corporate brand.

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  • Account Management Revival

    headshot of Marta Stiglin


    Presented by Marta Stiglin, Principal at Stiglin Consulting

    The Account Management function within an internal agency is often the least defined and therefore the least fulfilling to work with—both for clients and in-house colleagues. While some expect your focus to be cranking out projects fast and cheap, others expect you to conceive the next great strategy, impacting the business at a much higher level. What role is Account Management expected to play in house? What role does it have the potential to play? In this webinar, leading in-house consultant, Marta Stiglin, explores the possibilities—calling us to a revival of what has the potential to be one of the most pivotal functions within your organization.

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  • From Order Taker to Strategic Partner

    headshot of Amy Spencer


    Presented by Amy Spencer, Marketing Director at Blackbaud

    Repositioning your in-house agency can be essential as you evolve to take on bigger projects, increase headcount and make more of a strategic contribution. If you’re thinking about how you might rebrand your team, tune in to this webinar. Hear how Amy Spencer, Director of Marketing at Blackbaud, led her in-house agency on a journey from order taker to strategic partner—including seven steps they took to transition as a team. Amy touches on the pitfalls to be aware of as you embark on your own change plan, and the positive outcomes that such a transformation can yield.

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  • Building Brand with Design Thinking

    headshot of Kelly Chmielewski


    Presented by Kelly Chmielewski, Brand Strategy & Design Leader

    To acquire and retain a loyal base of customers, brands must demonstrate a deep understanding of what’s important to consumers so they can evolve products, services and outreach strategies with the greatest potential for marketplace success. This webinar illustrates how Design Thinking, also known as “human-centered design,” is enabling leading companies to surface breakthrough ideas that keep their brands top-of-mind with consumers. As a passionate practitioner and evangelist for the power and potential of deign thinking, and the possibilities that emerge from the intersection of brand, strategy and design, Kelly Chmielewski walks us through her “how to” guide, helping you begin to experiment with Design Thinking in your own organization.

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