• IHAF Conference: EBC & The Mysterious Case of the Iridescent Birds

    What might a stroke of creative genius, thousands of lines of media-performance data and an absurd number of CGI birds have in common? Explore the inspired world of evidence-based creative (EBC), where savvy brands meld human insight with automation to create real-time feedback loops between media and creative. Deep dive into the methods and tools that have helped global brands supercharge their media performance through agile testing, iteration and rapid creative versioning. Machines won’t replace your creative director anytime soon—but with EBC, they can help us understand how to better connect with audiences to enhance our results.

    Presented by Grant Gudgel, VP, Head of Teads Studio at

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  • IHAF Conference: Saying No to the Status Quo

    From working with Lady Gaga on the Super Bowl halftime show to being named Ad Age’s Internal Agency of the Year, the team at Intel is on a roll. Add to that a changing media landscape and the call for endless innovation and you’ll understand why Agency Inside is relentlessly focused on emerging trends while remaining true to their core capabilities. In this session, we’ll hear about how the award-winning internal agency at Intel is demystifying tech and disrupting the status quo—contributing to an all-time high in sales and stock performance while advancing the corporate brand.

    Presented by Teresa Herd, VP, Global Creative Director, at Intel

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  • IHAF Conference: Digital Disruption: Play to Win

    No one can dispute the power of social media, particularly as a catalyst for ingenuity and success. With relentless creativity and unwavering determination, the underdog story of Avocados from Mexico, has continued to make headlines across the marketing industry. In this session, we’ll go behind the scenes to hear how this once-fledgling brand leveraged the power of digital to win the most competitive social conversation in U.S. advertising with its #GUACWORLD campaign—named the top digital campaign of Super Bowl 2018 and beating out some of the most powerful, popular brands in the marketplace.

    Presented by Alvaro Luque, President, Avocados from Mexico

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  • IHAF Conference: Stop Branding—Create a Mental Mark

    Fuzzy input, revision cycles, crushing deadlines...when do we ever get around to building a strong brand? Boeing’s ECD, Laurie Schiada, believes the solution is to stop branding and start making a mark. In this special session, Laurie will explain how to avoid chasing the latest trends and instead, apply a few secret-but-universal truths to building brand in a way that leaves an indelible impression in the minds of your consumers. One counter-intuitive strategy Laurie teaches at Boeing: invite your clients into the creative process early and often, and watch the magic happen.

    Presented by Laurie Schiada, Executive Creative Director at The Boeing Company

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