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  • Inspiring a Purpose-Driven Creative Culture

    headshot of Darren Abbott


    Presented by Darren Abbott, Senior Vice President, Creative at Hallmark Cards, Inc.

    Fostering a culture of creativity encourages employees to bring their imaginations to work, adding original ideas and ultimately value in a way that may not otherwise be realized. In this colorful keynote, we’ll get to know Hallmark’s award-winning creative agency—one of the largest, most-renowned in-house creative teams in the world. We’ll hear about their journey to define a clear sense of purpose and the commitment to artistic exploration that resulted enterprise wide. With innovative initiatives like the Hallmark Creative Leadership Symposium and #My5Days as a backdrop, Hallmark’s purpose-driven creative culture has become a hallmark across the industry and one to which we all might aspire.

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  • Saying No to the Status Quo

    headshot of Teresa Herd


    Presented by Teresa Herd, VP, Global Creative Director at Intel

    From working with Lady Gaga on the Super Bowl halftime show to being named Ad Age’s Internal Agency of the Year, the team at Intel is on a roll. Add to that a changing media landscape and the call for endless innovation and you’ll understand why Agency Inside is relentlessly focused on emerging trends while remaining true to their core capabilities. In this session, we’ll hear about how the award-winning internal agency at Intel is demystifying tech and disrupting the status quo—contributing to an all-time high in sales and stock performance while advancing the corporate brand.

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