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  • Designing Time Travel

    headshot of Collin Whitehead


    Presented by Collin Whitehead, Head of Brand Studio and UX Writing at Dropbox

    The best way to future proof your team is to start living in the future. Creative teams who can use better process design to become more proactive, more strategic and anticipate the changes that are part of every business will be the ones who not only survive, but create the most meaningful work. Collin Whitehead talks about strategies and tactics for getting your creative team to think ahead, making time and space for new ideas to flourish while building a sustainable model for more-impactful work.

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  • Account Management Revival

    headshot of Marta Stiglin


    Presented by Marta Stiglin, Principal at Stiglin Consulting

    The Account Management function within an internal agency is often the least defined and therefore the least fulfilling to work with—both for clients and in-house colleagues. While some expect your focus to be cranking out projects fast and cheap, others expect you to conceive the next great strategy, impacting the business at a much higher level. What role is Account Management expected to play in house? What role does it have the potential to play? In this webinar, leading in-house consultant, Marta Stiglin, explores the possibilities—calling us to a revival of what has the potential to be one of the most pivotal functions within your organization.

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  • From Order Taker to Strategic Partner

    headshot of Amy Spencer


    Presented by Amy Spencer, Marketing Director at Blackbaud

    Repositioning your in-house agency can be essential as you evolve to take on bigger projects, increase headcount and make more of a strategic contribution. If you’re thinking about how you might rebrand your team, tune in to this webinar. Hear how Amy Spencer, Director of Marketing at Blackbaud, led her in-house agency on a journey from order taker to strategic partner—including seven steps they took to transition as a team. Amy touches on the pitfalls to be aware of as you embark on your own change plan, and the positive outcomes that such a transformation can yield.

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  • Evaluating Performance & Proving Your Team's Value

    headshot of Maureen Boyle


    Presented by Maureen Boyle, Director of Creative Services & Events at

    According to IHAF’s latest benchmarking study, 65% of in-house agencies measure the performance of their teams and the satisfaction of their clients. However, measurement alone isn’t enough—it’s what you do with the data that counts. In this session, Maureen Boyle, Director of Creative Services & Events at Team IDEA, the in-house creative and events agency for, reviews the benefits her organization has gleaned by taking a disciplined approach to assessing performance, setting quantifiable KPIs, and promoting their value. Since 2013, Team IDEA has regularly surveyed its internal business partners, leveraging key insights to boost their effectiveness and strengthen client partnership.

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  • Leadership Panel Discussion

      Jennifer Cortner, Wade Franks and Kim McNeil-Downs participating in a panel discussion at an IHAF event   


    Featuring Jennifer Cortner of Discovery Communications, Wade Franks of TTI North America, Kim McNeil-Downs of Fidelity Investments; facilitated by Marta Stiglin, Stiglin Consulting

    Today’s in-house teams face an overwhelming demand for creative work. Your clients don’t just want more; they want it fresher and faster, on every channel and device. In a panel at the 2016 IHAF Leadership Summit, some of your peers share how they’re responding to current challenges. In-house agency leaders from mass media, financial services, and even power-tool manufacturers are opting for more flexible staff and processes to keep up. Listen in on their discussion to learn more.

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