Does Your Team Measure Up?

Measuring your in-house agency’s performance is critical. To deliver ongoing value to the businesses you support, you must understand and be able to quantify your team’s effectiveness and your clients’ satisfaction. It’s also essential to know how your team is progressing over time and how they compare to others outside of the company.

That’s why we created the IHAF Performance Evaluator—a customizable, online survey that gathers feedback on team performance and client satisfaction. Combined with our proprietary field data, it’s easy to see how your team measures up to other internal and external agencies—giving you the insight you need to increase their effectiveness and build stronger partnerships.

Here’s what your in-house agency colleagues have to say about the IHAF Performance Evaluator:

"Provided valuable feedback on strategic planning, creative production, project management, and more."

—Mercedes-Benz USA

"The IHAF Performance Evaluator tool trumped our proprietary survey methodology providing a deep level of unbiased feedback."

—Blue Shield of California

"The feedback we received was specific and actionable; we used the results to set our strategic goals."

—American Century Investments

"It was very helpful to be able to compare our performance results with our peers in other organizations."

—Northern Arizona University

The IHAF Performance Evaluator is available to IHAF members at no additional cost. As one of the many benefits in-house agencies receive by becoming a member of IHAF, we encourage regular use of this tool to assess team performance and report progress to key stakeholders. For more information about the IHAF Performance Evaluator, click here. To learn more about IHAF, contact us.

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