Controlling Content

It’s estimated that companies will spend up to $135 billion on content marketing by the end of this year. So what is content marketing? And why are brands shelling out so much money for it?

Content marketing is the creation and sharing of relevant subject matter with targeted audiences—typically those to whom you wish to sell your products or services. By crafting and distributing material that will delight and inform consumers, your brand is able to distinguish itself from competitors, nurturing and building relationships with a whole new set of customers.

To succeed as a content marketer, it’s essential that you represent your brand voice, vision and values effectively. With so many cooks in the kitchen—advertising, marketing, PR, social teams, corp comm and external agencies, not to mention countless platforms and formats—it’s easy for messages to become convoluted and potentially confusing to consumers. How can in-house agencies get past all of this to better control content creation?

In tomorrow’s webinar, Francis Skipper, EVP of Digital Marketing for 451 Marketing (an IHAF member company) will walk through the steps in-house agencies can take to influence and gain control over branded content. As we continue our exploration of Tools & Trends this month at IHAF, this timely session is one you won’t want to miss. Register today.

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