What Will Your In-House Agency Look Like in 2025?

The year 2025 is a little more than 10 years away, right? Ten years doesn’t sound like that long. But think about it—in technological years, 10 is several generations. Ten years ago was 2004, and if you’re like me, your cellphone was just that, a cellular telephone. You may, or may not, have owned a laptop. And, no offense, but I’ll bet your 2004 car, home appliance, and navigation system weren’t all that…smart.

Now let’s transport to 2014. Vastly improved semiconductors, carbon nanostructures and carbon-based nanocomposites, graphene-carbon nanotube capacitors, cell-free networks and G5 technology, augmented reality, and wireless everything are transporting us to a world of communication that entrepreneur and future-thinker-guy Gary Vaynerchuk refers to as “the second industrial revolution.”

So what will your in-house agency look like in 2025? Are you driving to a super-responsive, digitally directed, wireless and cloud-covered world of communication? Or are you still toting around a piece of sliced tree skin (that includes a printed fax number) and handing it to people at business luncheons? Thompson Reuters, in a recent piece entitled 10 Predictions of Innovations, prophesized it clearly: “We will live in an ultra-digitally responsive world, where more things are exponentially connected to the internet than people.”

And in 2025, as the people in your workplace (virtual or otherwise—which is another subject to dissect at a later date) are made up of Millennials, Gen Y, and soon Z (ages 24 to 29 in 2025), a recent “Limitless Generation” survey confirmed what many have suspected all along: to the all-things-digital set, being online is practically akin to breathing.

Breathe slowly, and try to envision your in-house agency, circa 2025. What will it look like? What should it look like? How will you drive—or beam—it there?

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