OOH + Mobile: A Natural Pairing?

Over the years, we have seen the inevitable—rising fluctuations in ad spending across online and offline media. And just when we seem to have digital figured out, we are confronted by more programmatic, bots, non-viewability, and fraud reporting.

Well, this is not a silver bullet blog post on whether that makes us more accountable, better or worse marketers. Instead, what I would like to offer is a simple perspective on two forms of media that are gaining awesome traction with foundations in both locating and engaging consumers on the move: out-of-home (OOH) and mobile.

In the days of Barnum & Bailey, a poster stood in the middle of town promoting the promise of a grand show. People saw the advertisement, told their friends and families of the upcoming event, and made plans to attend. Today, despite multiple touchpoints at our disposal, 75% of adults have noticed OOH advertising within the last 30 days. Together with our mobile obsession (wait, is that a billboard on my phone?), we share what we see when we see it and how we responded all at the same time.

So it’s not a shock that 90% of consumers have their mobile device within arm’s reach 24 hours a day, because as soon as we step out our front doors, half of our mobile activities are about to happen. And that makes the OOH plus mobile partnership even more promising. In fact, consumers are 48% more likely to respond to the same ad creative on mobile after an OOH exposure.

While this may not feel like a tremendously new approach, we have to ask ourselves as marketing and media decision makers, might this year’s corporate media mix consist of OOH and location-based mobile? Doing so just might arm us with additional reach and trackable audience engagements, anywhere and anytime, in and out of our four walls.

IHAF member, Billups, is a full-service out-of-home specialist providing traditional, experiential and digital OOH media for agencies and brands.

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