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The arrival of 2016 marks the start of something new for us all. For you, this year may be about professional development or reorganizing your team or engaging further with the in-house community. At IHAF, we’re starting the year by unveiling an assortment of new offerings. As the internal agency movement grows, IHAF grows along with it by expanding our benefits to enable the success of organizations like yours.

We’ve come a long way in 10 short years—from a fledgling community of just over a dozen corporations in Greater Boston to the preeminent professional association for in-house agencies, with over 250 member companies across the globe. Yet despite our unprecedented growth, one thing is for sure—our members are as committed to sharing and supporting one another today as they were when IHAF began.

Make 2016 the year you take advantage of all that IHAF has to offer: benchmarking data, conferences and events, tools and templates, industry insights, and of course, networking. Join us!

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