The Wonders of Radio

Radio is a lot like Cinderella—a hard-working beauty with a somewhat-dusty complexion that’s often overshadowed by her brighter, shinier stepsisters. And like the fairy princess, radio is beloved by some (listeners) though misunderstood by many (advertisers). Isn’t it time to try on that glass slipper to see what radio can do for you?

Recently, Allstate Insurance did just that. The director of marketing at Allstate noticed that her staff was devoting significant time and resources to the new digital frontier, while losing sight of an old favorite—radio. So she challenged her team to come at radio with the same intensity and creativity they were devoting to other media, and with good reason.

Radio counts 92% of U.S. consumers as listeners. During weekday drive times, nearly 70% are said to earn $75K or more. And with the explosion of digital options, more people are listening in more ways. Radio is also well suited to our modern, multi-tasking lifestyles, allowing us to listen while we drive, work, or hit the gym.

The marketing director at Allstate decided to sponsor an employee seminar, calling on industry experts to educate her team on the benefits of radio. The result? A whole “new” avenue for creativity and, more importantly, marketing effectiveness.

So why aren’t more advertisers hopping on the bandwagon? For one thing, radio doesn’t feature imagery or any form of graphics to trigger audience engagement. That can be intimidating for advertisers, particularly writers and producers. Marketers also have a tendency to task radio with too much—trying to jam as many messages into one spot as possible.

Like Cindy’s glass slipper, radio only works when the fit is just right. That means approaching radio with the same strategy and discipline as other forms of media. In this week’s webinar, we’ll explore the wonders of radio with insights into what makes an effective spot along with some important dos and don’ts to help in-house teams up their game. We’ll also talk about how radio fits into today’s crowded media space and why you should give it another look.

Join us on Thursday, October 16th from 1:00 to 2:00 EDT for our upcoming webinar, Tune-In to Your “New” Secret Weapon—presented by Flying Brick Radio’s chief writer, producer and creative director, Brian Klam. Flying Brick is an IHAF member company that specializes in attention-getting radio spots that drive traffic and boost brand.

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