Last Month at IHAF

As IHAF continues to experience record growth year over year, one thing remains unchanged: the generosity and enthusiasm of our member community when it comes to sharing insights, best practices, and experiences with one another. Attending events such as the IHAF Annual Conference & Awards Show is one way our members connect—though most benefits can be experienced from the comfort of your office.

IHAF's LinkedIn group is a hub of content and exchange—as over 1,000 in-house agency professionals communicate online with ease. A recent post expressed, "We are preparing a budget presentation to prove the quantitative value of our in-house creative team and would like to compare our costs with external providers…" Multiple members responded with recommendations on how to approach the assignment, with a handful of invitations to connect directly for additional support.

Another way members learned from each other last month was through our October webinar, The Power of Print in a Digital World. In this session, IHAF member company, GLC, explained why print is still critical to most content strategies. The presentation wrapped with a thought-provoking Q&A that furthered the discussion. IHAF's webinar series is another way members take advantage of the benefits of our community, right from their very own desktops.

Don't miss another month of networking, learning and sharing—join IHAF today.

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