2012 Winners

2012 In-House Agency of the Year

Discovery Creative

It is said that working for Discovery Creative is like working on the global stage—promoting programming like Shark Week, NY Ink and Deadliest Catch, the 100-person team supports 14 domestic networks and 27 international brands across 209 countries.

As the 2012 In-House Agency of the Year, Discovery Creative’s success is based on a number of factors; foremost among them is its commitment to operating as “innovative risk takers”—pushing the boundaries of innovation and engagement in ways that deliver unmatched value to the company.

Last year Discovery Creative took on 90% of the company’s previously outsourced digital work, resulting in sizable savings for the company. The team also centralized all vendor-contract negotiations resulting in over 900 contracts and substantial volume discounts for Discovery. At the same time, the team was engineering numerous new tools and processes including two asset-sharing banks to enable fast, easy access of over 500,000 image files globally as well as a rigorous QA/traffic process that resulted in 100% of its digital work being delivered on time and without error.

Creatively the team is known for propagating a culture of inventive thinking. From its Red Door campaign for TLC cited by Cablefax when TLC was named Marketer of the Year, to numerous digital innovations like its Shark Week “Chompdown” voting app that stimulated viewership and boosted ratings, Discovery Creative looks beyond the limits of content or context to deliver ground-breaking solutions.

Most of all, the success of the in-house agency at Discovery Communications is based on the mutual respect and partnership it has with its clients. As one senior client put it, “We have had so many wins this year because [Discovery Creative] always shows up: shows up with a positive attitude, shows up with a solution, shows up with tenacity, shows up with a spirit of teamwork, and shows up with a fantastic skill set that help us to bring our ideas to life. Thank you for being our partners.”



The Global Brand Team at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited is small but mighty, comprised of 14 members with skills in strategy and measurement, communications, creativity, branding and design.

The team supports DTTL Global Services as well as the Deloitte member firms around the world, representing in the region of 200,000 brand ambassadors. As a virtual team that’s spread across five countries, the in-house agency brings a unique perspective to the company—spending less time policing fonts and colors and more time articulating the culture and of the company and essence of the brand. The work they do requires a deep understanding of the business, organizational and individual psychology, and the tools to evaluate progress and change. The thrill of creating something unexpected for conventional subjects like Audit, Tax, Consulting and Financial Advisory services is what the team thrives on. As DTTL’s Global Brand Team put it, “It’s a challenging creative environment... and that’s how we like it.”

Prudential Financial

Prudential Advertising aspires to a bold vision: “To be the best agency in financial services.” In an age when speed and cost efficiency are no longer enough, Prudential Advertising puts a premium on creative and strategic excellence; they call it Return on Imagination.

Today, Prudential Advertising is at the heart of a compelling brand story, with one of the most talked about campaigns in the financial services industry — Bring Your Challenges. Prudential’s new brand campaign has not only made an impact in the marketplace, it has helped ignite a culture change within Prudential—integrating the enterprise marketing organizations, setting new standards of excellence, pioneering new brand behaviors and inspiring employees.