2011 Winner

2011 In-House Agency of the Year

Fidelity Investments

Fidelity Communications + Advertising (FCA) is the primary creative agency and business partner for 30+ lines of business across Fidelity Investments. As a partner to its internal clients, FCA champions creative solutions that drive business results, executing over 13,000 projects per year.

The team at FCA believes that their higher purpose is to reach for ideas and stories that inspire—with their "Green Line" campaign receiving numerous industry awards. Prior to being named the 2011 In-House Agency of the Year, their most notable achievement was being named Marketer of the Year at the 2011 Hatch Awards. What makes this recognition even more impressive is that just a few years ago, FCA was executing work that was almost entirely concepted by outside agencies. Today, the in-house team is responsible for all but Fidelity's broadcast work, supporting the business far beyond the "Green Line" campaign.

Not only is FCA's creative work successful, their client relationships are as well—with FCA serving as a vital integrator and aggregator of branding and communications across the corporation. The FCA team participates in clients' staff meetings, works with clients on planning and training, and develops and conducts educational sessions designed to improve partnership and heighten awareness of the trends and best practices that exist online and off.

At FCA, efficiency matters. The team operates at 30% of the cost of external providers. From 2007 to 2010, FCA's headcount decreased or remained flat—yet through optimized workload management, billings per employee grew 18% and average hours billed per project was reduced by 9%. In 2011, FCA delivered an additional 15% savings on out-of-pocket production. The team also reduced the average number of project rounds by 14%.

The team at FCA knows that the work they do really matters—demonstrating a commitment to creating communications that inspire a deeper connection between Fidelity and the community it serves.