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As a Creative Director for one of the nation’s leading retailers, I’m always looking for ways to keep our team inspired. What I’ve found is that summer is a great time to recharge creative batteries and build camaraderie among the group. Here are five ways to energize your team this summer:

Speaker Series. A colleague of mine brings speakers in to his creative department throughout the year. Whether they’re talking industry trends or pop culture, inviting a freshperspective into the group can be a catalyst for generating new ideas.

Field Trips. Another colleague takes his team on inspirational field trips. What would inspire your team? How about a museum, a cooking class, or a ropes course? There are a host of things to do outside of the office to support creativity and collaboration.

Meeting Moratorium. How many people wish they could spend more time in meetings? While meetings are important, most creatives want more time to CREATE. Institute one meeting-free day per week and see how that uninterrupted time invigorates your team.

Blue-Sky Challenge. What does your team wish they could work on that your clients are unlikely to assign? Challenge them with it. This gives the team a chance to do some blue-sky thinking and may also delight your clients with some unsolicited ideas.

Art Show ‘n’ Tell. A fellow IHAF Board member tells the story of his in-house agency’s art show with custom creations on display for all to enjoy. From paintings and photos to baked goods—one brave soul even brought in a work of art that he made with his dog!

What are you doing this summer to afford inspiration for your team? How are you refilling their creative tanks? What impact is it having on their performance as individuals and as a team? At IHAF, we share experiences like this all the time. You should join us, www.ihaforum.org.

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