An Outside Perspective on an In-House Partner

Great relationships are based on trust, and working as part of a team is no different. It takes serious foundational effort to build trust in a group setting—and it doesn’t happen overnight. But it’s necessary before any meaningful exchange of ideas or collaboration is possible. It’s one thing to tolerate another person’s ideas. It’s something entirely different to want to hear their input, to discuss it openly, and then choose to act on it. Once trust is built, respect can soon follow.

Methodologie has been working with Boeing’s brand management and design team for over a decade. We’ve collaborated on everything from developing the logo and signage for a small café in their headquarters to evolving their global brand system. Trust has been built over years of in-person meetings, phone conversations, group workshops, and design reviews. Boeing understands the importance of teamwork and the benefit of collaborating with us as their outside agency. We have the type of relationship that develops only after people lower their guard, work to build trust in each other, and come together as a team—regardless of internal or external. It’s truly been an honor to work with such an exceptional group.

Located in Seattle, Methodologie is a shining example of an outside agency that is committed to the success of its in-house partner. For more about the firm, go to For more about internal/external agency collaboration, contact IHAF.

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