Past Presentations

  • IHAF Conference: Mastering a Global Brand Expression

    Starbucks is an international company with 25,000+ stores in 75 countries. Marketing materials and store sets are updated every 6-8 weeks worldwide. At such a large scale, with so much change, how is Starbucks able to maintain a consistent, relevant global brand while keeping pace with shifting trends and target markets? In this keynote presentation, Dena Blevins, Creative Director of Global Promotions and Brand will walk through the Starbucks brand journey, including how the coffeehouse connoisseur establishes global guidelines and principals that not only ensure a consistent creative expression but deliver an elevated, evocative brand experience.

    Presented by Dena Blevins, Creative Director, Global Promotions & Brand, at Starbucks

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  • IHAF Conference: Building Brand at a Breakneck Pace

    The world of branding used to be a sane place. Brand managers worked with agencies to craft images that were pushed out to the marketplace in a steady, easy-to-consume flow of communication. Today, that easy flow has turned into Niagara Falls with the majority of consumers overwhelmed by the volume and velocity of messaging to which they are exposed. As a technology company that advertises to everyone from teenagers to CIOs across 160+ markets, Lenovo has sharpened its ability to successfully navigate today’s complex, fast-paced environment—which is one of the primary reasons for the success of its internal creative team. In this session, Quinn O’Brien, global head of branding for Lenovo, will talk about the genesis of the company’s in-house capability, why it is a critical strategic asset in their brand arsenal, and where the organization is headed over the next five years.

    Presented by Quinn O’Brien, Vice President, Global Brand Marketing at Lenovo

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  • IHAF Conference: Global Study | Earned Brand 2017

    Ideology dominates the cultural conversation. Around the globe, consumers are putting their personal convictions front and center. From the grocery aisle to the car dealership, they’re buying on belief. Willing or not, brands of all types and sizes are navigating this new reality. And in a lightning-quick digital world, the rewards and risks are equally high. In this session, Mark Renshaw, Global Chair of the Brand Practice at Edelman will present the results of his firm’s recent global brand study, revealing that 30% of consumers worldwide say they make belief-driven purchase decisions more than they did three years ago and why Edelman is calling this “the new normal” among today’s conscientious consumers.

    Presented by Mark Renshaw, Global Chair – Brand Practice at Edelman

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  • IHAF Conference: Stop Branding—Create a Mental Mark

    Fuzzy input, revision cycles, crushing deadlines...when do we ever get around to building a strong brand? Boeing’s ECD, Laurie Schiada, believes the solution is to stop branding and start making a mark. In this special session, Laurie will explain how to avoid chasing the latest trends and instead, apply a few secret-but-universal truths to building brand in a way that leaves an indelible impression in the minds of your consumers. One counter-intuitive strategy Laurie teaches at Boeing: invite your clients into the creative process early and often, and watch the magic happen.

    Presented by Laurie Schiada, Executive Creative Director at The Boeing Company

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