Past Presentations

  • IHAF Leadership Summit: Outhouse to In-House—A Creative POV

    The transition from big-time ad agency to corporate creative services can be fraught with apprehension, at best, and endless second-guessing, at worst. After all, the move is often mistakenly associated with the winding down of a career. Like our industry, however, things evolve. And that’s good. We learn that creativity can’t be confined. Nor does it require patterned walls or purple furniture. In this session, Todd Miller shares his journey from the outside in, including how embracing the full potential of the in-house model can not only successfully advance the work, but recruitment, client relationships and people’s lives. (Notwithstanding the fact that his current workplace has purple furniture, the work came first.)

    Presented by Todd Miller, Chief Creative Director at The Cooler at Experian

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  • IHAF Leadership Summit: Premier Sponsor, Media Monks

    While in-house agencies have a unique understanding of their brands and audiences, a key challenge is providing the continuous stream of personalized content and standout experiences today’s consumers demand. Leveraging best-in-class technology and a global talent network, MediaMonks helps brands stretch budgets further (and smarter) to rapidly produce integrated content at scale. In this brief-but-enlightening session, MediaMonks founder, Wes ter Haar, reveals the techtronic trends in-house agencies need to know to add value and ensure relevance in the future.

    Presented by Wesley ter Haar, Co-Founder & COO, MediaMonks

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  • IHAF Conference: Purpose-Built Creative Teams

    The growing number and complexity of marketing channels has increased the demand for agile, multi-functional creative groups that can support an assortment of needs. Aiming to scale the business through continuous, meaningful consumer engagement, HelloFresh recognized the essential nature of developing complex-yet-integrated plans, which sent the in-house agency on a journey to restructure. The result? A team that’s better able to confront near and long-term challenges. A team that evolves as the business evolves. A team that’s always engaged while increasing efficiency. A team of multi-skilled creatives, built for purpose.

    Presented by William Weiss, Director of Brand Operations, at HelloFresh

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  • IHAF Conference: Future Proofing: Talent Development for the 2020s

    The more we learn to reflect critically on the role of automation in our society and economy, the more we will be prepared to shape the future. In what areas should we invest as marketers? The answers will surprise you. In a digital world where tech seems to be the upfront focus, this session will explain why critical thinking, art, coding, emotional intelligence, inclusiveness, questioning authority, self-learning and entrepreneurship are the building blocks for the success of future marketers.

    Presented by Geoffrey Colon, Head of Brand Studio, Microsoft Advertising, at Microsoft 

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  • IHAF Conference: Saying No to the Status Quo

    From working with Lady Gaga on the Super Bowl halftime show to being named Ad Age’s Internal Agency of the Year, the team at Intel is on a roll. Add to that a changing media landscape and the call for endless innovation and you’ll understand why Agency Inside is relentlessly focused on emerging trends while remaining true to their core capabilities. In this session, we’ll hear about how the award-winning internal agency at Intel is demystifying tech and disrupting the status quo—contributing to an all-time high in sales and stock performance while advancing the corporate brand.

    Presented by Teresa Herd, VP, Global Creative Director, at Intel

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  • IHAF Conference: Panel Discussion: Shift Happens

    In this panel session, we examine the new face of marketing, what’s prompting disruption, and what companies are doing to keep pace and remain competitive. From integrating brand touchpoints to overcoming corporate silos, we’ll address the challenges inherent in today’s modern marketplace. Featuring esteemed panelists Dave Klay of CIGNA, Sangeet Pillai of Verizon and Wendy Zajack of Georgetown University, and facilitated by Jen Cortner of Discovery Inc., Shift Happens is a candid discussion about the unexpected changes and unrelenting surges that are redefining the industry.

    Presented by David Klay; CIGNA, Jennifer Cortner; Discovery Communications, Sangeet Pillai; Verizon, Wendy Zajack; Georgetown University

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  • IHAF Conference: Digital Disruption: Play to Win

    No one can dispute the power of social media, particularly as a catalyst for ingenuity and success. With relentless creativity and unwavering determination, the underdog story of Avocados from Mexico, has continued to make headlines across the marketing industry. In this session, we’ll go behind the scenes to hear how this once-fledgling brand leveraged the power of digital to win the most competitive social conversation in U.S. advertising with its #GUACWORLD campaign—named the top digital campaign of Super Bowl 2018 and beating out some of the most powerful, popular brands in the marketplace.

    Presented by Alvaro Luque, President, Avocados from Mexico

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