Meet Our New Chairman of the Board

On behalf of the IHAF Board of Directors, it is my privilege to wish you and your teams a Happy New Year and all the best for the coming months.

First, let me offer heartfelt appreciation for our outgoing Board Chair, Jennifer Cortner. Jen has been an exemplary leader and advocate for our Board and in-house agencies everywhere, guiding IHAF through unprecedented growth and extending our influence. I am personally thankful for the foundation she, the IHAF Board, and the IHAF Team has built

Additionally, please accept my deepest thanks for your ongoing support of IHAF. You and your teams have helped create the premier organization for in-house agencies, with a diverse roster of members, providing meaningful content across multiple platforms, and unparalleled industry advocacy. The strength of any organization is built upon depth of involvement and commitment by its members and IHAF is fortunate to have you and your teams play a vital role this success.

We also deeply honor the efforts of our supplier members and sponsors, who with their generous support, make so many of our programs and events possible.

With this turning over of the calendar, we usher in another exciting year for IHAF, striving to meet your needs in this ever-growing and dynamic in-house agency movement. As I assume the role of Board Chairman, I do so with IHAF and the in-house model abounding in opportunity and momentum. The growing role of in-house agencies like yours is radically reshaping the creative, design, and marketing communications industry, both internally and externally.

As such, IHAF is striving to change and adapt to add value to you and your teams so you can continue to showcase value to the businesses you serve. Throughout 2014, the IHAF Board and program team worked tirelessly to deliver relevant, connected content and events. Before the IHAF Annual Conference & Awards show in Boston in November, the Board engaged in a lengthy planning session exploring ways to make IHAF work better for you in 2015 and beyond—in the programs and events we offer—in the content we provide—in the manner in which we can help members connect—in how we function as an organization—and in adding increased value to your membership, your teams, and your functions, with an eye toward a 3-5 year strategic plan for IHAF.

Throughout this year, there will be numerous opportunities for you to connect with IHAF, and for IHAF to connect with you, all with the goal of helping advance the in-house model and enabling you and your teams to make a difference. Please know this board and organization is deeply committed to serving you and your teams, and is working diligently to exceed your expectations, create incredible value, and continue the immense momentum of the in-house agency movement. There has never been a better time to be in this industry, to be a member of IHAF—and there has never a better time to derive all the benefits available by being actively involved in our preeminent organization.

I look forward to serving you and being in contact with you throughout the year.

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