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Building Brand at a Breakneck Pace

headshot of Quinn O'Brien


Presented by Quinn O’Brien, Vice President, Global Brand Marketing at Lenovo

The world of branding used to be a sane place. Brand managers worked with agencies to craft images that were pushed out to the marketplace in a steady, easy-to-consume flow of communication. Today, that easy flow has turned into Niagara Falls with the majority of consumers overwhelmed by the volume and velocity of messaging to which they are exposed. As a technology company that advertises to everyone from teenagers to CIOs across 160+ markets, Lenovo has sharpened its ability to successfully navigate today’s complex, fast-paced environment—which is one of the primary reasons for the success of its internal creative team. In this session, Quinn O’Brien, global head of branding for Lenovo, will talk about the genesis of the company’s in-house capability, why it is a critical strategic asset in their brand arsenal, and where the organization is headed over the next five years.

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