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About the Awards

IHAF’s In-House Creativity Awards recognize creative excellence among internal agencies across nearly 40 print and digital categories including annual reports, direct mail, events, out-of-home, product packaging, print advertising, social media, video and more.

Winners are determined via a points system based on recorded ballots submitted by a select panel of judges—industry experts including in-house agency creative directors, external agency creative directors, marketing/creative executives and industry consultants.

Winning entries are announced at the IHAF Conference & Awards in November. Gold, Silver and Honorable Mention awards are conferred within each category, followed by a single Best of Show. Best of Show and Gold winners receive crystal trophies, while Silver and Honorable Mention winners receive framed certificates. Following the event, all winning entries are posted on the IHAF website and YouTube channel.


Any in-house agency or corporate creative organization is eligible to submit their original work for consideration. Materials must be first produced, printed and/or aired between January 1 and December 31, 2021 and must fall within the categories noted below. Work produced in collaboration with external resources and/or providers may only be submitted if 80% or more of the final product was created by the in-house agency.

Entry Codes and Categories

Each entry category has a three-character code assigned to it. All entries must be accurately categorized and coded. Individual pieces may be submitted for consideration in multiple categories—each as its own unique entry with its own entry fee. IHAF reserves the right to reassign any/all submissions to ensure entries are appropriately categorized.

Annual Reports

Yearly publications, typically containing financial updates intended for stockholders and stakeholders as a record of an organization’s annual performance.

01A   Digital Reports

01B   Printed Reports

Corporate Communications

Elements developed to communicate and strengthen an organization’s brand identity and presence with internal and/or external audiences.

02A   Brand Identity Kits

02B   Cards & Invitations

02C   Internal Communications

02D   Logos

Digital Marketing

Assorted forms of online content used to promote products, services, organizations and brands.

03A   Apps

03B   Banner Ads

03C   Emails

03D   Infographics

03E   B2B Websites

03F   B2C Websites

Direct Mail

Printed solicitations intended to elicit a consumer reaction or response, delivered to recipients via postal mail or courier service.

04A   B2B Mailers

04B   B2C Mailers


Temporary or permanent environmental designs, fixtures and notices.

05A   Architectural Installations

05B   Posters & Signage


Promotional and/or informational assets produced in support of an event held at a specific place and time.

06A   In-Person Events

06B   Virual Events

Multi-Media Campaigns

A series of campaign elements produced across a minimum of three different forms of media.

07A   B2B Campaigns

07B   B2C Campaigns

On a Shoestring

Any work, any format—conceived and fully produced for under $10,000.

08A   On a Shoestring

Out of Home

Assets developed for display through outdoor media, with exposure to mass audiences along various streets, sidewalks, subways and surfaces.

09A      Out of Home

Point of Purchase

Visual display featuring a product or service, with consumer messaging delivered at the point of sale.

10A   Point of Purchase

Print Advertising

Advertising that appears in printed publications such as magazines and newspapers.

11A   B2B Print Ads

11B   B2C Print Ads

Product Packaging

Any type of physical label or package design of the container for a specific product or service. (Does not include 3D collateral or mailers).

12A   Product Packaging


Interior/exterior layout, graphics and editorial content that constitutes a published book, magazine or multi-page newsletter.

13A   B2B Publications

13B   B2C Publications


Materials promoting public awareness of a product, service or message, specifically by gaining coverage through unpaid media outlets.

14A   Publicity

Sales Collateral

Brochures, kits and catalogs designed to move prospective buyers through the sales cycle—from awareness to consideration to purchase.

15A B2B Collateral

15B B2C Collateral

Social Media

Digital advertising, marketing and/or promotional posts that connect audiences to brands via one or more social platforms.

16A   Animated Graphics

16B   Organic Posts

16C   Paid Posts

Stuff the Client Didn’t Pick

Any work, any format proposed by the in-house agency and rejected by the client, resulting in the piece never being produced.

17A   Stuff the Client Didn’t Pick


Broadcasts promoting assorted messaging—educating and engaging viewers through the use of moving pictures and sound.

18A   Corporate, External Audience

18B   Corporate, Internal Audience

18C   TV/Web, 0:60 or under

18D   TV/Web, over 0:60

Entry Fees

All Entries (submitted by June 30, 2022)

   IHAF Members: $75 per entry          Non-Members: $150 per entry

Late Entries (submitted by July 15, 2022)

   Late Fee: $25 per entry

Entry fees may be paid online via credit card or by requesting an invoice during the submission process. Entries will not be judged unless full payment is received by the deadline. Entry fees are non-refundable.

Entry Deadline

All regular entries must be submitted by June 30, 2022. Late entries will be accepted if submitted by July 15, 2022 and accompanied by a late fee (see Entry Fees). Entries submitted after July 15, 2022 will not be accepted.

Entry Requirements

Preparing Your Entries

All entries across all categories require the submission of digital files (even printed materials) and will be reviewed digitally by our panel of judges. Failure to submit the proper digital file(s) and/or format(s) will result in disqualification of the entry.

  • File Labeling:  Each digital file must be labeled as follows: CategoryCode_CompanyName_EntryTitle. Category codes can be found above. If submitting multiple, same-format files (multiple image files, multiple videos, or multiple PDFs), please add a number to the end of each file name, e.g., 1, 2, 3.

  • Thumbnail Image: Each entry requires a high-res, horizontal thumbnail image (1000x700px or similar). This file will display on the homepage of our online gallery of entries. Files must be jpg, jpeg or png.

  • Image Files: You may provide up to ten (10) high-res image files per entry. Files must be jpg, jpeg, png or gif. 

  • PDF Files: You may also provide up to three (3) PDFs, which are useful for multi-page entries like brochures, publications and annual reports. Each PDF you provide should have a unique title that reflects the document itself.

  • URLs: Provide an active URL/site link, plus high-res thumbnail images that effectively represent the site. You will also be required to enter a title for the website on your submission form, to hyperlink the URL for viewing.

  • Video Files: Provide an MP4, AVI or MPEG4 file along with high-res thumbnail image that effectively represent the video. Subtitles are not required. YouTube, Vimeo or other platform links will not be accepted.

Submitting Your Entries

To begin, click Entry Portal—you’ll find it in the green navigation bar. Login with your username and password or create a new account. If you entered our 2021 In-House Creativity Awards, you likely have an account. If you’re unsure of your credentials, please follow the lost password prompt or contact IHAF. (Your login is unique to the IHAF Awards; it is not the same as your IHAF member login.)

Once logged in, click Enter in the navigation bar to be directed to the submission form. If prompted, select Click here to initiate a new entry. For each entry, select the appropriate category and provide the details below:

  • Entry Title:  Brief name of the piece you are submitting, up to 50 characters (Do not enter the file name here.)

  • Entry Description:  Description of the project, up to 300 characters. Entries are judged based on creativity, not results or business outcomes. Your entry description may add context to aid in the judging process. 

  • Member Status:  IHAF members receive discounted pricing on awards entries. Be sure to indicate your status. Unsure if your company is an IHAF member? Check our directory at ihaforum.org/membership-directory.

  • Permissions:  Specify whether IHAF has permission to publicize your participation in our awards contest and/or showcase your submitted work beyond displaying it at the IHAF Awards Show.

After populating the specifics of each entry, upload the corresponding digital image file(s). When you’re done, click Add to Cart at bottom of the page. Or, Save your partially completed submission and come back to it later. (To access entries in progress, click In Process in the left-side menu.)

Go to the left-side menu and choose In Cart, selecting the entries you wish to submit to IHAF. Click Checkout Selected. From there, you will be prompted to choose your payment method. If you wish to pay via check or electronic payment, IHAF will send an invoice in 1-2 business days. Click Process to fully submit your work and process payment.

Final Details

IHAF assumes that all entries are original and the work/property of the entrant, with all rights granted therein. IHAF is not liable for copyright infringement on the part of the entrant and will not engage in copyright disputes.

Entries will be displayed electronically at the IHAF Conference & Awards, with winners listed publicly on the IHAF website and IHAF YouTube channel. If you have questions regarding the In-House Creativity Awards or entry details as described, please contact Hollis Gesen at 617-587-3945 or hgesen@ihaforum.org.

Thank you—and we look forward to seeing your work!