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Designing Time Travel

The best way to future proof your team is to start living in the future. Creative teams who can use better process design to become more proactive, more strategic and anticipate the changes that are part of every business will be the ones who not only survive, but create the most meaningful work. In this keynote session, Collin Whitehead talks about strategies and tactics for getting your creative team to think ahead, making time and space for new ideas to flourish while building a sustainable model for more-impactful work.

Collin Whitehead, Head of Brand Studio and UX Writing, Dropbox

At Dropbox, Collin and his team define, guide, make and manage creative for the corporate brand. Since joining the company, he has led the overhaul of the visual identity system, voice and tone, brand campaign, and new company mission including their IPO. Prior to Dropbox, Collin was an executive producer at West Studios where he worked with startups to launch and build their brands. Collin’s roots are in advertising, where he got his start at Goodby Silverstein & Partners. Outside of Dropbox, Collin is contributing author and public speaker, helping other build the craft of process design.

Skills Labs

Building the Future of In-House Agency Management

Cultivating the next generation of agency management is one of the most critical tasks at hand. It takes deliberate effort and, done right, can help build a pipeline of qualified internal leaders. Done wrong or not at all, it can lead to ineffective managers, weak teams and limited growth potential for employees. Now more than ever, it is essential that emerging leaders be armed with tools to develop to their fullest potential. This session covers four must-have skills, preparing the next generation of leaders to step into bigger roles and impact the talent on their teams.

Cecilia Gorman, Founder, Creative + Talent + Partners

Cecilia’s mission is to inspire, educate and motivate people toward their greatest potential. An ad industry veteran, she spent the bulk of her career as VP, Creative Services at Y&R. She also led in-house creative operations at Oakley and was head of HR and training at Innocean USA. She is a DISC-certified executive director with the John Maxwell Team and owner of Creative + Talent + Partners, a consultancy specializing in the development of new and struggling managers and the teams they lead. She is also co-founder of Empowership, a year-long training and mentorship program for women.

EBC & The Mysterious Case of the Iridescent Birds

What might a stroke of creative genius, thousands of lines of media-performance data and an absurd number of CGI birds have in common? Explore the inspired world of evidence-based creative (EBC), where savvy brands meld human insight with automation to create real-time feedback loops between media and creative. Deep dive into the methods and tools that have helped global brands supercharge their media performance through agile testing, iteration and rapid creative versioning. Machines won’t replace your creative director anytime soon—but with EBC, they can help us understand how to better connect with audiences to enhance our results.

Grant Gudgel, VP, Head of Teads Studio,

Grant runs Teads Studio, the creative and data strategy team at Teads. His sandbox is at the intersection of creative, data and media—working with brands to build smart, dynamic creative strategies and rapid-versioning processes to get more out of their campaigns. Grant came to digital advertising through a series of fortunate accidents. Drawing on his insatiable curiosity as an entrepreneur, ski bum, strategy consultant and carpenter, he has started, sold and/or advised businesses including digital advertising, IoT, mobile apps, robotics, machine learning, education and non-profits.

Ideas Are Currency: Ask Better Questions, Get Richer Answers

We all know that Einstein said if you have to solve a problem, spend 75% of your time on the question.  But, do you know why? Do you know how everyday routines like working out at the gym, shopping for groceries, or taking your kids to the park can lead to hundreds of ideas? And, while it may sound obvious, do you know why having hundreds of ideas is important when you’re trying to solve a problem or conceive a new campaign? Ideas are our currency—the more you have, the richer you are and the more successful you’ll be.

Sarah Robertson, Managing Partner and Creative Coach, Before & After

Sarah has been a facilitator and coach with Before & After for nearly 20 years, personally trained by company founder, Tom Monahan. As a Toronto-based strategic consultant and B&A coach, she has facilitated thousands of people in sessions internationally for companies as diverse as health care, children’s toys and alcoholic beverages, and numerous agency teams. Her career includes stints in the public sector, private sector and agency world. Sarah brings a high level of enthusiasm and energy to helping people explore new ideas and improve their creative-thinking skillsets.

The Last Hurdle: How to Sell What You Create

Presenting your work isn’t enough. You have to sell it. Turn skeptics into believers. Make nay-sayers say yes. Survive the approval gauntlet without diminishing the quality of your ideas. Veteran global creative director Kerry Feuerman can tell you how. He’s sold over a billion dollars’ worth of work for Fallon, TBWA\Chiat\Day and The Martin Agency. And he’ll show you how to win over an audience quickly, focus your message on what really matters, eliminate objections before they happen, and communicate ideas clearly, concisely and convincingly.

Kerry Feuerman, Creative Director/Presentation Skills Coach, Last Hurdle

Kerry started out as a copywriter in Richmond, where he worked his way up to partner/vice chairman of The Martin Agency, moving on to become creative director at Fallon and then global creative director for Infiniti automobiles at TBWA\Chiat\Day. Over 30 years, Kerry has presented to clients around the world. And, his work has appeared in the industry’s most prestigious award shows including Cannes, CA, One Show, Clios, and Kelly Awards. In 2015, Kerry founded Last Hurdle, a training consultancy that teaches creative people, account managers and planners how to present, sell and protect creative work.