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When the In-House Agency Forum was founded in 2005, our mission was simple: Provide tools, insight and networking opportunities to enable in-house agencies to increase their effectiveness and contribution within their respective organizations.

Fifteen years later, we’re as committed to that goal as we were on day one.

As the world navigates this unprecedented time of COVID-19, the IHAF team is making every possible adjustment to continue providing support to you, your colleagues and the in-house community at large.

Over the past few weeks, we have shifted our events from in-person to virtual, including postponing next month’s In-House Agency Masters conference. We are also assessing the feasibility of smaller gatherings later in the spring, like our In-House Agency Roundtables.

In the meantime, remote networking and learning opportunities abound—and we’re adding more in the days and weeks to come. The heart of who we are is a connected community, rich with tools and content that’s easily accessible whether you’re working at a conference table or a kitchen table.


Our webinar series makes it easy to attend events from wherever you are. We have an assortment of sessions scheduled, with more being added to our roster soon. We also have a robust library of recorded webinars that you can access 24/7. Let the learning continue—register for an upcoming webinar or access one of our recorded sessions


If you haven’t perused the IHAF website recently, this could be the ideal time. Our benchmarking studies provide insight on everything from organizational strategies to operating practices. We also offer an assortment of published tips, tools and templates—along with our Performance Evaluator online client satisfaction survey.


IHAF's LinkedIn Group enables virtual networking with ease. This private forum is a great place to pose questions, share best practices and connect with other IHAF members. If you haven’t opted in, now is the time—simply register and an IHAF team member will confirm your status. You’ll be part of the group in no time.


Working from home shouldn’t diminish your ability to make live connections with other IHAF members. For the past decade and a half, we’ve helped hundreds of you connect in ways that don’t exist anywhere else. Our member directory is the place to start. From there, let us know if you’d like help with an introduction.


Listen to any of our 20+ energetic episodes of Inside Jobs, a podcast featuring leaders from top brands sharing their experiences on what it takes to build and manage a successful in-house agency. Meet the people who are making it happen—and let us know who you want to meet next.

We recognize that you and your colleagues are facing significant challenges given the current climate. And, while we can’t address all of your concerns, we want you to know that we are here to support you as a source of content and camaraderie.

Please be in touch if we can help you access any of our materials or make connections with other IHAF members. Now, more than ever, let’s rely on the strength of our connected community to see us through.

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