There Can Only Be One Top Shop—Is It Yours?

Internal creative teams are so much more than a way to save money! The contest for In-House Agency of the Year lauds the impact these MVPs make on an organization’s business and brand objectives.

The competition heats up as we approach the August 31 call-for-nominations deadline. All in-house agencies that meet this year’s submission criteria are encouraged to apply. We’ll announce the finalists (and winner) at the IHAF Conference & Awards in November—but what does it take to be named top shop?

Testimonials from Internal Clients. In-house agencies make a variety of unique contributions across their respective corporations, so our entry criteria are always changing. This time around, the nominee that best demonstrates strong internal client relationships along with a distinct impact on the business will emerge as the 2020 In-House Agency of the Year.

Remember, agency/client partnerships are a two-way street. Beyond making their own bids for the win, in-house agencies should include written testimonials from internal clients to make this year’s nominations even stronger. This new testimonial element is a fresh opportunity for clients to sing the praises of their in-house partners. We know internal agencies are the bee’s knees—we can’t wait to hear what your clients have to say!

Punctuating Your Story via Video. While not a requirement, the majority of In-House Agency of the Year nominations include a brief video that punctuates the success of the team. These clips often show different teammates, metrics and milestones that bring each nominee’s story to life. Enjoy this submission from one of last year’s nominees, the International Monetary Fund:

In-house agencies are the lifeblood of their companies, so you’re all winners in our book! However, there can only be one In-House Agency of the Year in 2020. Nominate your team by the August 31 deadline and you could win the coveted distinction of being named top shop. Winners will be announced at the IHAF Conference & Awards—a virtual event streaming live on November 9-12. Join us!

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