Meet the Helpers and Heroes

In-house agencies carry their clients and brands to victory, but who’s supporting them? Sometimes getting over the finish line calls for the help of hired guns, intuitive tech, and media savvy from external partners like IHAF’s network of supplier members.

Some vendors have been sharing free resources with fellow members since the COVID-19 outbreak. A few have even helped bring IHAF’s own events to life. If you need a new tool or just want a taste of how these partners might help, catch the videos below from their sponsorship of the 2020 In-House Agency Roundtables.


Adobe is a familiar face among creatives and a go-to for standards like Photoshop and InDesign. They’re also a longtime IHAF member and community sponsor. This video highlights Adobe Sensei, an emerging tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to help teams refine content at scale while making informed decisions based on consumer behavior. Get the 411 on Adobe’s new offering, here.


Celtra helps in-house creative and marketing teams design, approve, and deliver digital content across an ever-growing number of campaigns, markets, designs, and variants. Their Creative Automation Software helps brands like Adidas, Spotify, Unilever, and YETI move faster while reducing production costs for increased efficiency and output in the cloud.

Express KCS

Fans of the Inside Jobs podcast may recognize Robert Berkeley of Express KCS, a longtime IHAF member company that provides creative production services to in-house agencies worldwide. Their expertise in different formats and channels can augment your team’s capacity for creative production that’s on brand, on time and on budget. Learn more about this unique global provider here.

Extreme Reach

Is your creative asset workflow seamless, or is it (air quotes) seamless? Extreme Reach brightened our day with their video (no longer available), asking why some teams aren’t confident in how well their creative aligns with media placements. Their AdBridge platform is built to smooth the bumps between asset prep and delivery so in-house agencies can stop managing expectations and start managing projects more effectively. See more details here.


This video covers a digital asset management (DAM) platform by Nuxeo. It’s a tool for making creative operations more efficient, which can slash your time to market and help boost revenue. Unlike some legacy DAM systems, you can scale and customize Nuxeo’s solution to grow with your business and sync with evolving tech. To find out why so many big brands depend on it, click here.

Meet the helpers and heroes who are dedicated to the in-house community.

Your in-house agency is the star of our show, as we’re always connecting corporate members to relevant resources that can extend your capacity and capabilities. If there’s a system, business service or talent portal you need that’s not listed here, contact us—we’ll put you in touch with a supplier member who may be able to help.

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