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In the spirit of connectivity upon which IHAF was founded, a handful of our supplier members have stepped up to support their corporate counterparts with special discounts and resources to help in-house agencies lighten the load. As you look for ways to support your respective corporations from afar, be sure IHAF’s supplier network is one of your first stops.

The following suppliers are offering special programs and/or discounts to in-house agencies in response to COVID-19.

ADOBE: We're actively working to help the IHAF community during this time of extreme work/life disruption. Our 2020 Adobe SUMMIT digital-experience conference is now available as a free online offering. We're also offering self-paced tutorials through our virtual learning portal, featuring the apps you use every day. And, our CEO’s message regarding continuity of service details even more. To help us identify additional topics of importance to you in the weeks to come, please share your thoughts via this brief workflow questionnaire. Click the links above or visit Adobe’s website to learn more.

DELTEK: Get six months of Deltek’s ConceptShare online review and approval software—free. This is a full version with no restrictions or purchase obligations. ConceptShare enables in-house teams to deliver more content faster and at less cost by streamlining the review and approval process. ConceptShare’s collaborative feedback features ensure your in-house agency gets clear, actionable feedback (from team members and clients) quickly and easily to reduce bottlenecks, stay organized and deliver content on time. It's a great tool to implement with a remote workforce and remote clients. To get started, click here. You can also email Chris Lombardo or call 412-716-8290.

EXPRESS KCS: We're offering a reduced rate card to support in-house agencies who need to pivot their project work. Be it applying new branding to old assets, ensuring assets are consistent with current brand guidelines, adapting assets to multiple sizes and languages, repurposing content across channels, or any other creative production challenge. Express KCS is here to support your everyday needs. To learn more, click here. You can also email Nick Smart or call 646-327-1394.

IBM WATSON MEDIA: We're providing extended, free access to our IBM video streaming solution through the COVID-19 outbreak. As more and more companies are streaming video to their employees and customers during this time of working from home, we’re easing the transition from face to face to virtual. To request access, click here. You can also email Katura Klaus or call 314-313-9504.

LOOK LISTEN: Our proprietary alignment and planning workshop, Connected Cohorts™, is available to IHAF members for a 50% discount. Connected Cohorts™ unites sales and marketing teams with the extended ecosystem of people they work with, sell to and/or influence. This virtual workshop is ideal to support remote teams as they plan, organize and make adjustments to strategic initiatives. To learn more, click here. You can also email Donna Montgomery or call 303-888-8424.

MEDIAMONKS & FIREWOOD MARKETING: We've joined forces to develop a short guide for in-house agencies that are adapting to a work-from-home model and seeking inspiration on how to continue producing high-quality content that meets the evolving needs of their audiences. In addition, our new report, (Re)Activate Customer Obsession, dives deep into the ways in which brands can reassess their goals and strategies moving forward. To access both, click here. You can also email Warren Chase or call 718-483-6702.

MIKETEEVEE USA: Is the current state forcing you to conceive and produce materials in new ways? Mike Teevee is a decoupled production company with offices in North America and Europe, representing a worldwide creative network that your team can tap. Whether its creatives and directors to tell your story, corporate narratives to show how your brand is adapting under current circumstances, or post-production resources like illustrators, animators, VFX artists, editors and online flame artists, we’re set up to work remotely to support you. IHAF members are eligible for a 10-15% discount on specific projects. To meet Mike, click here. You can also email Ellen Utrecht or call 424-371-0284.

REBUILD GROUP: Take your brainstorming to the next level...virtually. Brainstorming to generate new ideas is an art, not just an exercise. At Rebuild, we’ve distilled this artform into our Jamming Playbook—filled with ways to get people out of their comfort zones and stimulate their creative juices. The methods we cover are inspired by artists in the entertainment industry based on how they created breakthrough hits, shows and performances. The purpose of the playbook is simple: to help you take your brainstorming to another level. To jam with us, click here. You can also email Steve DeAngelis or call 855-725-3628, ext. 714.

STIMULATED INC: Reduced face time doesn’t mean you have to settle for reduced creative output or quality. Just the opposite, in fact. Amplify your marketing power with free access to knowledge, support and our game-changing RPM™ (remote project management) solution, powering some of the world’s most creative brands. Book your free consultation to learn how we can help. To get started, click here. You can also email Robb Wagner or call 818-585-7915.

STORYHUNTER: With travel restrictions and laws around filming in different cities and countries, video production has become increasingly difficult, making hiring local production resources a challenge for in-house agencies and brands. With over 30K world-class creatives, producers, photography directors, production companies, animators and video creators in 192 countries, our talent marketplace and freelancer management system is a safer local-production solution for in-house teams. IHAF members are eligible for a 25% discount on our licensing fee to access our database and technology for the next three months. For a new way to tell your story, click here. You can also email Marquis Scott directly.

TEAMPEOPLE: During this time of uncertainty, we're offering discounted rates to new clients who are looking to hire remote freelancers such as designers, presentation specialists, video editors, and virtual event engineers. We're also waiving our retainer fees for permanent placements and offering a free one-hour consultation for workforce assessments and/or a virtual event package. For those seeking new opportunities, TeamPeople is providing free resume and/or portfolio reviews by our recruiters. To connect with us, click here. You can also email Kimberly Joyce or call 202-549-9657.

TYLIE AD SOLUTIONS: The current global crisis has halted production and forced teams to work remotely. At Tylie, we understand that this “new normal” is affecting your workflows and content pipelines. That’s why we’re offering special rates to IHAF members on select services like DAM storage, digital transcoding, and creative versioning. Our team is at your side and at your service because together is how we’re going to get through this. To get started, click here. You can also email Dash Hawkins or call 818-955 7600.

The following suppliers have remote resources readily available to support you and your in-house team.

ACTIVE INTERNATIONAL: If you're in need of media buying resources, Active can purchase media across disciplines (local, national, direct response, print, OOH, VOD, programmatic, and more) with no buying fees added. Media costs are based on existing benchmark rates provided, typically at a 5-15% savings. Additionally, we can often purchase media positions and sponsorships you may be looking to vacate due to the pandemic. To learn more, email Bethany Harris or call 845-732-8521.

ELEMENT: We are currently servicing our client/partners remotely with resources in Boston, LA, NYC & Austin. Creative marketing services include; content strategy, digital media strategy, SEM/SEO, creative collaboration, tabletop production (several directors/photographers have equipment at home), remote editing, animation, VO records, audio mix, and well as remote color correct capabilities. To get to know us, click here. You can also email Eran Lobel or call 617-719-5600 and/or email Kristen Kearns or call 617-834-1236.

GENERO: We deliver access to a global creative network of production companies, directors, animators, motion designers, editors and other creatives, to provide creative ideation and content production solutions to marketers. Our software platform is built for remote working and easy collaboration, with tools to manage creative briefs, ideation, payment, legals and production. In short, we offer a range of safe solutions to support you and your business during these trying times. To learn more, click here. You can also email Matt Perry directly.

SAVILLE PRODUCTIONS: Our team is available to help IHAF members develop and produce long and short-form content during this unprecedented time. We are currently working with a number of brands to do this and are happy to outline the varied approaches we can take to develop and produce projects for you, safely and effectively. To see our work, click here. You can also email Rupert Maconick or call 310-828-1478.

THE TEAM COMPANIES (TTC): Throughout these uncertain times, TTC has maintained operations as a reliable resource for IHAF members. Our business affairs division can help negotiate renewals for performers, models and licensed elements, and our talent and print payroll departments can ensure use payments are made on time. Our client services team stands ready to provide tutorials on through our onboarding and timecard platform (TTC Online) as well as our rights management platform so when production resumes, IHAF members are armed with technology resources to help make projects as efficient as possible. To get down to business, click here. You can also email Greg Smith or call 212-624-1254.

TILT CREATIVE + PRODUCTION: At Tilt, we partner with in-house agencies to design and produce all forms of video content. We are currently supporting clients remotely, post-producing new video messaging and stories by using existing assets. Our creative and post-production teams are fully operational and ready to help IHAF members meet your quick-turn video production needs. We promise to do our very best to keep your business moving forward. To meet the thinkers, makers and maximizers, click here. You can also email Bill Hickman or call 312-350-2259.

VLCREATIVE: Our team is uniquely positioned to help brands transition live events to dynamic virtual meetings. Our expertise includes nearly 30 years of remote video communications experience, multiple broadcast-quality studios across the country, transmission experience with Zoom and Skype, longstanding relationships with top enterprise-streaming platforms that offer virtual lobbies, chats, polls and analytics, and an in-house team of producers with national news and broadcast experience. Together, these resources are helping our clients conduct best-in-class virtual events. To get virtual with us, click here. You can also email Stu Siegal or call 617-922-4771.

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