Investing in People Beyond Positions

Why does HP Studio choose to train our existing talent? The decision to invest in current talent rather than hiring when a new need arises stems from the belief that we invest in people, not just positions.

At HP Studio, we believe in hiring people, helping them identify their skills, and nurturing those skills toward excellence—not a simple policy of hiring and firing as per demand. Learning and development form the foundation of every role at HP. It is a constant initiative and not a one-off activity.

We define a way forward by scheduling quarterly events and training sessions. These initiatives help build an individual’s intellect, creativity, and mental and physical well-being. Several days a month are reserved for immersive product and service trainings, as well as the latest marketing (in particular digital marketing) and advertising trends and techniques.

For example, once a quarter, a professional from one of the global eCom giants trains our team on best practices, guidelines (including creative guidelines), video ad placement specifications, and more of what’s required for creative to be uploaded to these sites. They even share consumer insights and changing trends in behavior. We have also had individuals with extensive marketing and advertising experience as well as corporate exposure train the team in soft skills, corporate etiquette and industry best practices.

Besides the numerous professional and emotional benefits mentioned above, trainings and activities have also brought a measurable positive impact. Employees that develop a deeper understanding of particular products, services and technology become subject-matter experts. This not only makes them a valuable asset to the Studio but also helps retain talent by fostering a sense of loyalty to the HP team.

John Randazzo is Director, Worldwide Digital Content and Experiences at HP Inc. This article first appeared in Debunking the In-House Myth, IHAF's 2020 benchmarking study, fielded in partnership with Forrester Research. It contextualizes data from 288 unique companies regarding the evolution of digital marketing in house. IHAF members have open access to download the report. If you are not a member of IHAF and would like to learn more, please contact us.

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