In-House Agency Experts, Unite!

In-House Agency Experts and Aces - An IHAF Conference - April 28, 2022 - a Hybrid Event

In-house clout doesn’t come easy, but the proven chiefs of a few select teams are here to help. Join us for an exchange of ideas with Deloitte, Indeed, Norwegian Cruise Line and PwC at the In-House Agency Experts & Aces conference on Thursday, April 28.

Our Experts event is a chance to talk operational excellence, world-class talent and strategic partnerships. It’s also—you guessed it—a hybrid event, in person at PwC in NYC and streaming live online. With equal parts keynotes and networking, this one is too good to pass up. Here’s what’s on deck (Eastern time):

10:30-11:00 am: Arrival / Check-In
Check in at PwC on Madison Avenue. Stretch your legs, catch up with your fellow Mad Men-and-Women, and complain about traffic.

11:00-11:15 am: Director’s Welcome
IHAF Director Emily Foster sets the stage for an inspiring day of in-house excellence.

11:15-12:00 pm: It’s a Matter of Trust
Jack Teuber shares what trust means for the success of his far-reaching team at PwC. A prime opportunity to learn even more about our reigning In-House Agency of the Year.

12:00-1:00 pm: Networking Lunch
Connect with like-minded peers over a catered lunch in one of the culinary capitals of the world.

1:00-1:45 pm: Insights from a New In-House Agency
Age is just a number for this team, launched by Norwegian Cruise Line in 2020. Becky Winters charts their epic course in this intriguing expo.

1:45-1:55 pm: Partner Presentation
Enjoy a snappy session with title sponsor, Extreme Reach—powering brands and agencies with an all-in-one activation platform for omnichannel campaigns.

1:55-2:15 pm: Break
Speaks for itself. Why not swap some business cards and grab a coffee?

2:15-3:00 pm: Slow Down for Growth
The upstart team at Indeed was poised for growth in 2020. When their plans were upended, they had to pivot to keep scaling. Tim Chow and Greta Mantooth explain.

3:00-3:45 pm: The Next Generation of Marketing Excellence
Kim McNeil-Downs takes us inside the Green Dot Agency and reveals her team's multi-pronged effort to amplify the Deloitte brand.

3:45-4:00 pm: Director’s Wrap
It’s over already? We can’t believe it either. Emily Foster signs off with thank-yous and a quick take on what’s in store in the months to come.

From creativity to partnerships to team performance, there’s no shortage of opportunities for in-house agencies to keep climbing. Find out more about our speakers and sessions in advance of the big day. Then, register for Experts & Aces on April 28. (Seating is limited at PwC in NYC, so reserve a spot soon if you want to join us in person—we’d love to see you there!)

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