In-House Agencies Tell It Like It Is

Despite the popularity, success and even acceptance of the in-house model, there’s still a lot that these teams grapple with every single day. There’s also no one-size-fits-all when it comes to in-house agencies—they’re as varied as the industries and brands they serve.

Our 2021 year-end member survey revealed that the majority of in-house agencies are in search of simple solutions to common issues like leadership development, organizational structures, managing hybrid/remote teams, creative operations, agile methodologies, digital advancement and more.

That’s why we chose UNCENSORED as our 2022 conference theme. We’re celebrating what makes in-house agencies unique while acknowledging the everyday obstacles they face.

IHAF was founded as a community of sharing, learning and growing together. This year’s conference harkens back to our roots. It’s about getting real about what’s really going on in house today—joining together to overcome shared challenges and celebrate individual successes.

Members look to IHAF as the leading source to help them gain mastery of the model. By choosing a theme that’s specific to in-house agencies while general enough to cover a wide range of stated needs, this year’s IHAF conference is sure to be a big dose of giving the people what they want!

Ready for in-house agencies to tell it like it is?

Join us for UNCENSORED—the 2022 IHAF Conference & Awards—two days of candid keynotes, frank connections, timely breakouts and a thrilling awards show. IHAF Members save with early-bird pricing when you register by August 31. Group pricing is also available. Contact us!

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