3 Tips for Stronger Data Storytelling

How do you tell a story with data? You start by making sure the key message is clear to your audience.

In-house agencies are often asked to perform miracles and turning data into visuals is no exception. It’s a common experience: your internal client needs an infographic but instead of highlighting a single takeaway, they want to include every last figure and stat.

Whether it’s multiple key points, differing types of data, competing visualization styles, or too much stuff all crammed onto one page, we can help.

Our video tutorial on streamlining data visualizations for stronger, more-scannable storytelling focuses on three ideas:

1. Choose a single infographic. Instead of trying to fit everything on one slide, focus on the main idea.

2. Strip away non-essential visuals. Too many design elements can make your infographic hard to follow; stay focused on the essentials.

3. Eliminate redundant data. If it’s not supporting your main idea, it shouldn’t be on the slide.

By streamlining content and paring back visuals, you can make your slides more scannable and your infographics easier to understand. It’s a simple approach to communicate complex ideas and it works every time.

For more tips on better data visualization, check out our recorded IHAF webinar.

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