The Latest in Offshore Creative Production

Tapping lower-cost, overseas resources for creative production is not a new trend. And as agencies look to decrease their production costs by 40% or more, offshore partnerships are transitioning from experimental to mainstream.

If your in-house agency has yet to engage in offshoring (or tried a few years ago, but abandoned), today’s market has matured. And with a growing need for scalable creative implementation by global agencies, TKM Consultants conducted a study on the State of the Market for Offshore Creative Production and offered a raft of insight around market maturity, market rates, popular locations and suitable services. Highlights included:

• 52% of respondents utilize offshoring
• Of those, 57% are satisfied with offshore partners and 43% are very satisfied
• 86% of agencies have been offshoring for at least 2 years
• 50% of agencies have had relationships in place for more than 5 years
• The most popular offshore location is India—53% of agencies have partners there
• Highlighted benefits of these partnerships are: English-speaking workforce, an unmatched talent pool for creative services, consistently high quality of production and an understanding of the international outsourcing market

At Amnet, we help agencies reap the benefits of offshoring to remain competitive and accelerate growth. Our Smartshoring™ methodology is a customer-centric framework that allocates resource and expertise based on a customer’s precise requirement. Utilizing the best talent wherever they may be in the world, alongside progressive pricing models, has established Smartshoring™ as a strategic necessity for both brands and agencies globally.

For further information on the Offshore Industry for Creative Production, download the 2020 State of the Market Report here.

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