The Importance of Authenticity & UGC in Talent Acquisition

Let’s talk about something that’s sending shivers down the backs of employers nationwide—the Great Resignation. After the pandemic hit, and the workforce had no option but to work from home or find new opportunities, the employee paradigm shifted radically…and permanently.

A job is no longer just about a paycheck. After all, if you’re spending 40+ hours a week doing something, shouldn’t it be something fulfilling? The vast majority of the workforce seems to think so. In fact, 77% of people in the job market now want to know way more about the organization they’re thinking of joining. How’s the culture? What are the perks? What’s it really like to work there every day? These questions and more can be answered successfully and persuasively by a great talent acquisition video.

If you want great talent, level with them.

There’s no secret to attracting and hiring the best people. If you’ve gone to the trouble of creating a great company with excellent benefits and an envious culture, all you need to do is let people know. How you let them know, however, is just as important as what you say. That’s where authenticity and UGC (User Generated Content) comes in.

In today’s TikTok and Insta world, genuine content rules like never before. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on slick employer-branded videos, and you don’t need celebrities reading from cue cards. All you need is what’s right in front of you—your own employees.

Your employees, and their smartphones, are your biggest asset. By sharing content about your company, they attract potential talent. Encourage them to capture their genuine reactions and comment on what it’s like to work at your firm, why they love it and why others should join. Make it human. Make it easily digestible. And, make it impossible to ignore—a mix of fun b-roll with energetic interviews should do the trick.

That’s really all there is to it. No magic tricks. No secret shortcuts. Ditch the glossy videos and expensive production for what people are actually craving—real insights from real people. Do that and you’ll have great prospects hammering down your door for an interview.

As an online video production platform, Cinebody specializes in helping individuals create accessible, quality user-generated content with their patented User Directed Content™ process. To learn more about Cinebody, and their services, click here.

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