Standing with Ukraine: Extreme Reach

Ukraine flag

In the weeks since Russian troops invaded Ukraine, many companies have responded in support of Ukraine and its people. The advertising industry moved quickly, showing its support in assorted ways. Some teams and their brands have paused business in Russia, supporting a global campaign of economic sanctions. Others are providing humanitarian aid to Ukrainians and those seeking refuge.

Among those actively supporting Ukraine is IHAF member Extreme Reach, a global leader in creative logistics. The company shut down ad serving and delivery of creative assets to Russian media outlets in early March—and they’ve made generous donations, both at a corporate and individual level, to aid the courageous people of Ukraine.

“The response from our team members has been tremendous,” said Sandy Drayton, the company’s VP of Corporate Communications. “With offices all around the world, we really have a sense that we’re part of a global community and want so much to do whatever we can to help these extraordinarily brave people save their democracy.”

LinkedIn post from Extreme Reach outlining its efforts to support Ukraine

Extreme Reach is also offering to deliver public service announcements free of charge that focus on direct support for Ukraine. “The Ad Council has been a terrific partner of ours for many years and we’ve distributed thousands of PSAs for them and other organizations that have helped save lives and support communities in dire situations,” added Extreme Reach CEO Tim Conley. “We’re very pleased to do our part in this way for Ukraine. Our hope in sharing our own efforts is to inspire other companies, big and small, to also do whatever they can at this important moment in history.”

Corporate marketers and in-house agencies that are interested in joining Extreme Reach in these efforts are invited to submit a contact form.

IHAF stands with the advertising and marketing community and the steps each of us are taking to support Ukraine. If your team has responded similarly by suspending operations or delivering aid, please share your story for inclusion in the IHAF blog.

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